BIH-ZHAR Restobar: Where Party Limits Ain’t Limited..


Love hitting the bars? There’s a new gig venue right at the heart of Quezon City. You can party hard without hurting your budget, you ain’t needing to limit yourself for the options of hooch and food as they offer a wide range of group bundles and special deals. Enjoy all the booze while tripping with your favorite hip hop songs and all sorts of party music from prolific artists and live bands. You name it!

Photos are taken and owned by: Bih-Zahr RestoBar

Food Food Food! For us pinoys grogs and spirits are never without a “pulutan” aka.finger foods and appetizers, they have our all time pulutan favorites like Pork Sisig, Sisig pizza, Fish and Chips, Gambas, Nachos, Beef Salpicao, Chilly Fingers and Dynamite and many more!

Photos are taken and owned by: Bih-Zahr RestoBar

BIH-ZHAR restobar is not just all about the hustle and bustle hard-popping rhythms. If you want to chill out with a much more soothing music, then Monday blues fits your style! For all the rock chicks out there, the bar has Tuesday Ladies night and as soon as you step in a free cocktail will welcome you. For throwback moments, the bar will take you back to the good old days of the flashy 80’s music. Fridays exemplified for all the rockers out there who loves insanely hot rock music.  Hip-hop Saturdays I gotta say my favorite because it’s all about jazz funk and booty popping urban rhythms.


If you noticed I skipped Thursday, what truly makes this restobar bizarre is they make it a point to make LGBT party lovers feel special. Thursday rainbow party is for all sexes, we can have awesome night outs full of laughters and booze all night long with our LGBT peeps. Well actually its the special night for them, they are also provided their own loo! Isn’t that BIH-ZHAR?

(Again: I wasn’t able to capture these special events, so these pictures are not mine. But I want to show ya’ll a taste of BIH-ZHAR fun!)

Check them out!


Twitter: @bsrestobar

Instagram: @bzrestobar

Hashtag: #bzrestobar , #bihzharultrabar

Where To Find Them?

No. 6 Scouth Borromeo, South Triangle, Quezon City

Contact #: 0917 806 4806


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