What I Follow As A Customer Service Representative


Gosh, I have worked my arse off in customer service for nearly 9 years and surprisingly I cannot disjoint myself from this type of occupation. At some point after those years of overcoming numerous excruciating challenges that totally changed my entire being as a career person, this is the only sector of my life that I love and hate. So I guess I am in love with my job? What an awkward cannotation is such isn’t it? No I’m not in love with my career nor hate it.

I have learned, perhaps developed more than a single skill as I had gotten older and why the heck am I still in this job? It took me years to finally realize that it wasn’t because I don’t have a choice, I do have a choice to be in a different line of work but customer service is my strong point, my craft, the mé·tier I am good at.

Here are my principles that had taken my emotional stability to keep up against difficult customer service encounters.

1. I conduct my battles carefully

2. Understanding synergy

3. I always go for pragmatic resolution

4. I avoid brimming confidence

5. I learned the value of proper timing

If you are in my shoes or at least had been in the same occupation, how do you define these 5 principles based on your experiences?


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