Bioessence Meet And Greet With America’s Next Top Model Runner-up Allison Harvard

It was never in my mind to be up-close and personal with cycle 12 America’s Next Top Model and America’s Next Top Model: All-Stars runner up Allison Harvard. I remember during the big event of  Blogapalooza last month, I was getting a loot bag for some Bioessence freebie and one of their employees informed me if I would do a service review in one of their beauty clinics I might get the chance to meet this American model. Honestly, I didn’t bother because I really don’t think the event organizers for beauty & fashion products would be interested to invite me. I am not a fashion blogger nor pay attention to beauty products and facial treatments. I only enjoy sauna and massages, most of the topics I write about, aren’t related to “Chick” stuff. I do know though that many fashion bloggers are hoping to win and meet her.

Weeks after I visited one of their beauty clinics for a service review which I had published just recently(My BioEssence Good Customer Service Experience.) I sent them an SMS informing the branch manager that I already published it and apologized for the delay. Out of my surprise I received a reply to join the meet and greet special event with Allison Harvard.image  All bloggers asked questions and what I asked her is “After America’s Next Top Model and choosing to be here in the Philippines as the endorser of Bioessence, How do you measure success?” Her answer is what I am hoping to hear.wpid-img_20141114_155325.jpg

“Being productive and staying positive with everything I am getting is what matters most.”
IMG_20141114_152808 Being productive and staying positive is the humblest measure of success that I have ever heard. This girl is certainly more than just a face, she knows what she wants. The event was pretty satisfying, the food is awesome and the crews of old bonifacio grill are quick and attentive. Bio essence gave each bloggers a loot bag containing their beauty products and also they raffled special prizes such as gift certificates for the services they offer. I got what I love, a free full body Swedish massage!image
Not all the guests were there yet when I arrived, I was pretty early and I took advantage of taking pictures of the event.
image I had a great time and will soon move forward on taking another visit for the host – old bonifacio grill to finalize a restaurant review.


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