Miss Earth 2014 Candidates Awesome Fun At Yoshinoya!

I can’t imagine how I ended up joining this event of meeting beautiful and REALLY TALL Miss Earth candidates because I am not a very “girly” person nor a fan of beauty contests. But I certainly thank a friend for taking me to this event because it changed my impression about it (I thought it’ll be boring). I found myself stretching my arms as high as I should to make sure that the video will capture their heads (thank god! I wasn’t wearing a sleeveless shirt.) What I find cool the most was seeing the wackier side of these ladies, it ain’t all about being prim and proper you know.

The friendliest miss earth contestants I met on this event are Miss Columbia, Miss Switzerland and Miss Ukraine. I have to be honest about first impressions, these 3 women were the only women whom I have noticed to be the regardful and most humble. There were so many people, including the service crews importunately taking pictures with almost all of them. As I observed only these 3 ladies interacted with fans and other bloggers who wanted to interview them. The other contestants just gathered together and talked to each other after taking pictures. I am not disappointed about it because that’s not an offense at all but I don’t see the advantage of that either. Beauty and personality should always go hand and hand, I’m impressed that Miss Columbia, Miss Switzerland and Miss Ukraine showed that. I gotta say the prettiest I’d seen are Miss Panama,Miss Dominican Republic, Miss Mongolia, Miss Lebanon and Miss Ukraine they look like barbie dolls! I’m sorry I don’t have Miss Mongolia’s picture.


Yoshinoya – a Japanese restaurant hosted this event and they have done really well when it comes to serving on time and taking care of us on our dining needs. All the girls were pleased as you can see on the video, BEST OF LUCK BEAUTIFUL MISS EARTH CANDIDATES!




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