I Finally Hit My Goal Just In Time!

stats in 6th month

Finally, I hit my goal! I don’t mean to seem superficial in case this write up gives you that impression of me. Yes, this is about me – but are you kidding? I am HAPPY! This is when measuring success comes in which relates to my previous topic (http://travelingmind2anywhere.com/2014/11/05/how-do-you-measure-success/). The numbers I have reached that admittedly feeds my ego at the silliest manner as how people might think of it – is what fires me up. The satisfaction and joy a hopeful writer earns is immeasurable, seeing a progress already brings out the source of hilarity in my heart. That self-support of meeting a not so HUGE goal for others but is seriously a tough take-on for a newbie keeps reminding me of  how I love writing at the best level I am capable of. When I started last May 25th of this year, I gave myself a goal to hit 12,000 views in 6 months, that’s like 2,000 views per month. I remember asking myself if I can keep readers going into my blogsite – if I can, for how long? I posted how glad I was hitting the 10,000 views on my 5th month (http://travelingmind2anywhere.com/2014/11/09/5799/). I am honestly in the midst of a career trouble of trying to keep up in a job that I don’t enjoy as much as I am hoping I am. I hate the word “need” as it strings in to many sad reasons that the reality in my life projects. I only find inspiration to keep smiling when I see my blog site’s number of views continues to increase even during my posting downtime. I made it on my 6th month!

Next goal – 24,000 hits on my first year. 🙂


11 thoughts on “I Finally Hit My Goal Just In Time!

    1. Thanks Orlando 🙂

      Your quotes does help to motivate me:) as it has positive messages to it. About the number of views, hopefully I can keep up until I hit the 24,000 hits. I don’t get much feedback from readers about what I post that will allow me to find out if I have areas of improvement. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing.


  1. Charity, I started my blog as a daily reminder to myself. It was my own outlet for my own thoughts. I never had the intention to have anyone read or like anything I posted. I still find myself on the same path. Although I keep writing for myself, It’s great to have people comment and validate what we write about or the images we share. But if you think about it, your validation comes from knowing your blog has received over 10,000 views, which means people are reading what you post! Keep doing what you’re doing and the right audience will continue reading!! Here’s to 24,000 sooner and faster!!!!! 🙂 Orlando


    1. Thanks my friend (teary nose and eyes.)

      I agree with you, we write for “US” first of all, because it’s the best way we discover more about ourselves which brings that relief somehow. The purpose of sharing it comes second, though I also intend to relate to other people by my writing and see if there’s more than just being “me” that I put my senses into.

      My very first blog entries were like yours except what I do is put meanings on each letter forming a quote..Like this one..


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      1. Keep writing and your voice will continue to reach the audience who needs to hear it! I’m glad you are willing to share your thoughts and the great food as well!! 🙂


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