Cultured Diamonds: Authentic Brilliance Without The Danger

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Diamonds are branded as the default signal of luxury, its historical value and emotional firm ties to marketing are only two of the reasons why diamonds are highly expensive. In reality, the sad truth behind its high value is the danger of mining and its fast production that threatens to destroy mother nature in years to come.We all know the danger of mining, how this affects agricultural productivity, deforestation and any destruction of natural landscapes. Many areas globally suffered from land degradation due to excessive erosion, its rate is undeniably increasing due to many human activities such as mining.


Fortunately, the effort of mankind to change this finally came to success by the discovery of growing real diamonds in a laboratory using the exact-same recipe and process of formation. As unbelievable as it seems most of us don’t understand what cultured diamonds are, perhaps not ready to welcome it due to the number of diamond simulant deceptively spreading. But if we open our minds about it, this remarkable new discovery of growing diamonds – not producing them using alternative properties certainly has a greater value compared to mined diamonds. This is where the emotional part comes in about why many are seemingly unprepared for this revolutionary change in the diamond industry. Technically, cultured diamonds and mined diamonds only has one difference, one is grown in a laboratory but both are “NATURAL.” That’s because both are made with authentic, natural properties and of course, process of production.

In my opinion, there are more benefits and I don’t even think there’s a downside at all, I don’t think you should feel like wearing a FAKE diamond if it is a cultured diamond. We just need to realize that if our concern is just the “bragging rights,” its historical value isn’t very important, I do care more about protecting life by protecting mother nature.

I found these links that made me understand the better value of cultured diamonds. This might also open your mind.—-Myths-vs-Reality,-2007&id=787956


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