“Growing Old With You”


We all want someone in our lives to grow old with, that old school fancy dream of a forever love story. Yet, every love story has an end, it always does. The fear of growing alone is terrible even for those who have survived life without finding a partner. We have seen, perceived more than one kind of unpleasant endings, for which most are elements of our own actions. Does an end rely on fate? Perhaps it’s the FAITH missing which is supposed to keep a love story endless. Every book has a last page and if you noticed, those are empty pages. What are they for? This question came in my surprise as I scroll from pictures to pictures on a dating app, I then asked myself what is it missing that I have not faced? Admittedly, we seek for something we are hoping to be the “LOVE,” and will begin filling each page of our love story.


Is it really just that? A part of our heart recognizes that it isn’t the need of having someone to grow old with, rather to question ourselves about how much faith we have for love and how we hold it. I met a few people who chose to be single not because of the complications of being in a relationship, but because they found their endless love story. The continuation is just about to happen at the end of our last breath. When you found the person you want to grow old with, and he or she passes away you won’t fear growing old anymore. Rather it will make you proud that you found someone to love you til’ death do you part. This does not apply to all, but as a human being with a heart, this is what my soul had written in my mind. I wonder what’s next to my love story.


2 thoughts on ““Growing Old With You”

    1. You are who I was thinking as I started typing this entry. I lost someone I love 11 years ago and all the guys I loved next, he is still the best among them. I sometimes question myself if the whole reason why I don’t fear growing old, is because I can’t find yet that “ONE.” Perhaps I may have found him already.

      Too early to conclude though…


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