Experience The Finest Of Japanese Cuisine : Akira, Art of Sushi And Teppanyaki

I was awake for 26 hours and just went rushing to this Japanese restaurant which I am not familiar of. I love food and I eat anything edible. But, of course, to put value in that, I always remind myself that it is germane to learning how a specific meal should taste like, regardless how my liking considers it. As an amateur food critique, I am very particular when it comes to texture, aroma and, of course, the ” Taste.”

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wpid-img_20141129_181221.jpg1. Let’s start with the “AKIRA Roll.” The nice chronology for both the consistency and structure make it out of the ordinary. It does look rather sturdy unlike most sushi is known for. The crunchy tempura bits on top which at first would perhaps give just the decorative impression. But I find it zany having the grated cheese and spicy mayo blend well with something raw like sushi. This epitomized Akira roll is daring, modern and has the proper firmness that holds well the soft kani. I was at first in a thought that the crunchy top might overpower the sushi but how the flavors.

IMG_20141129_1935532. The “SeaFood Yaki udon” may look simple, but it does not taste simple at all, it has that familiar seafood flavor that just lifted my spirit from exhaustion (I love fresh noodles!) For me it is certainly a happy Udon merged with lightly cooked veggies and dressed with seafood savory sauce. No question why it’s on the 2nd rank. Gosh, I want this again!

3.  Playful is the right term for this colorful delectable sushi roll named “Rainbow roll,” each piece has its own character. I find this the most platable for newbies because it represents contrasting flavours. From that “of the sea” salmon to sweet mango to the mild thick jello tuna, then added with that strong sesame seeds and white cheese cream on top. Fun to the eyes and fun to the taste buds.


4. Akira is well-known for the “Teppanyaki,” and they have 4 sets of it. But all are mixed with veggies, grilled prawns, chicken and choice of beef. I am unsure what set was served to us because I couldn’t recall anymore the type of beef we ate. Sadly, I am not an expert yet about Matsusaka, Kobe or just the wagyu since I have just learned it very recently that they have different “beefy flavour strength.” As many meat experts say, “All Kobe is wagyu but not all Wagyu is Kobe,” premium wise they aren’t interchangeable. The beef cubes were tender and there was a thinner cut I tasted that was grilled medium rare and gosh that got me thrilled! Each distinct flavours were supporting each other resulting the Akira’s delicious Teppanyaki.

IMG_20141129_181929_15. Most bean curds or tofu are lifeless no matter how you cook it (they’re made to be tasteless,) but this gentle “Agedashi Tofu” did impress me.. It has this cute wobbly texture carefully laid on a puddle of thick sauce. The melt in the mouth factor is worth going back for. For those who are vulnerable to these soya soft blocks, you might find this a good start to appreciate it.

IMG_20141129_1947176. The ultimate “Seafood Ramen!” Another elemental art of cookery executed well by Akira, the incorporation of water and earth elements suffused by fire then advances to the air to soothe your senses. The noodles locked the flavours of the prawns, seaweed and vegetables so well, it is perfect for cold or rainy dinners.

7. “Smoked Salmon And Cream Cheese” and “Oyster Fry Roll” these are equally great! Fun and tasty. The oyster fry roll is again another modern twist of Akira that updated sushi to a whole another level. The smoked salmon with cream cheese just made this Japanese delicacy lustful to the appetite. The salmon just tastes so summery with its distinct saltiness. IMG_20141129_190858


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