The Terrible PR Bungle Of Cherry Bustamante Burwell & Sandstorm Organizers

“For The Reader: The Good Stuff About The Event Will Be Posted After This Transparent Exposure Of A Not So Good Experience..I’m Still Working On The Videos And Pictures Showing Darude’s Awesome Performance.”

I gave myself enough time to contemplate before I decided to finally publish regarding my experience during an all-out-beach-party-electronic music festival with the International Techno Producer DJ Darude. Let me just highlight this, only the Sandstorm star, DJ Darude made our night less painful, we enjoyed his live performance. But, nothing more can make a blogger feel stupefied than being treated like a crap in a huge event, and be expected to promote it. I am new in blogging, but my experience with The Big Difference Communications and Cherry Bustamante Burwell, completely insulted me as a person. Sad to say, the word “guest” is such a misfit for the 16 bloggers and 3 guests who felt like refugees at the supposedly multi-million event.

I have here the links of the bloggers who expressed their similar experience of disappointment during the Batangas event. This is just for the readers to see the reasons behind the depicted redundancy of my blog entry.

The Forewarning: Prior the said event, me and another blogger were tipped off to decide wisely before joining the Sandstorm coverage unless the point person is guaranteed to accompany us at the venue. I was invited to choose between two events, The Philippines Ducati Weekend At Clark International Speedway or The Sandstorm 2014 Music Festival in San Juan Batangas. Since I like parties, I chose Sandstorm. In spite of my choice to join the Sandstorm Music Festival, I opted to send Cherry Bustamante Burwell a message through Facebook, asking “who’s our point person at the Batangas event?” and that question was apparently left unanswered. Again, I defied my instincts and took the risk for the benefit of my doubt.

Fullscreen capture 12102014 122340 AM.bmp

The 4 hours of grueling Bus Dilemma : I rushed to the bus station after my 11 hours shift as quick as I could because the bus is scheduled to leave by 2:00 pm. When I finally got there, I was greeted by a group of bloggers who have been waiting at the bus station for hours. Nobody knows if the event had been called off or were we simply abandoned. Imagine our exhaustion of making sure we get there on time and still ended up waiting for 3 hours with no guarantee if we will be sent to Batangas or not. The bus that is supposed to take us to our destination is not even paid yet, very fishy. After a painstaking back and forth searches for Cherry, the DLTB manager, a person named Frances and Dexter (who’s just a supplier for the event,) finally had us leave Taft at past 5:00 pm.

The Hellish Experience Begins: We made it to Batangas past 9:00 pm. At the entrance, the bouncers asserted that food and drinks are not allowed inside the venue. As ordered, we surrendered our food and bottled water. Reaching the registration booth the sandstorm staff was completely clueless concerning our arrival. They claim that they were not given a heads up about a group of bloggers/media to tape the event. We spent 30 minutes explaining ourselves that we were sent by these people to witness the event, and write about it in our respective websites. Surviving that embarrassment, two men guided us to our room accommodation. All of us were surprised seeing a small villa with a filthy lavatory, reserved to befit 19 people. Before all the big jokes, I asked Cherry if the food is free and gladly she answered YES. Indeed, there was food! Looking at the photos below, I don’t even need to elaborate what we felt that night.

For the organizers of Sandstorm: Jacob So and Nesty Ortiz, I don’t understand why it was too difficult for you to meet us half way. We had not demanded a first class dinner, but we should have at least received a decent food. We almost walked out that night for getting the run-around, but luckily, even though it has been just on one occasion, Dexter managed to get us food served in a clean platter. Joren supplied us with coffee in a stainless steel beverage urn. Even though it had left me sleepless, I can understand that they provided us a Villa with insufficient space. What I find unacceptable is that it has a lavatory without sanitation and with a busted water system. I am extremely disgusted by that. And it even caused me a difficult time holding my dump. I understand you were at your absolute stress, handling a bunch of people on a huge event. However, you must realize that’s just not an excuse. You know that it is part of your goal of doing things, according to plan.

We did what we were there for: Throughout the event, we roamed around the venue and interviewed the talents. This is for the purpose of writing what Sandstorm is all about. The following morning, the Sandstorm feast is over. We finally cleared things off with Dexter and the other guy named Joren. The two men who apparently was also claimed liable by the person who invited us. They are just the suppliers of the event who had at least provided us coffee for the entire night. They have no idea how we became their responsibility in which we are not. Even leaving the venue was like a tennis game. One of the bloggers contacted Cherry and Brian to discuss how the hell can we go home. After the painstaking attempts of calling them, we finally got hold of them. However, excuses were pitched around until we demanded two vans to cut the darn chase and send us back to Manila. Discovering her claims of sending the two vans out of her sympathy is downright maddening. Just an FYI, we demanded them to send the two vans.

Now My Huge Disgust: The whole thing just erupted me, I finally decided to post my disappointment on bloggers Facebook community page. This is when the blame game started, I remember her mentioning on a group chat session that one of us volunteered to be the point person. In my surprise, the organizers denied the assigned point person and said they were not aware of her being the point person. She suffered same terrible treatment just like the rest in Batangas. I still questioned why we had trouble finding assistance during the event. How many of us tried to find the person who invited us throughout our entire ridiculously unpleasant stay in Batangas? I forgot to mention that one of us needed to get a sofa from another villa at 5:00 am because there’s nowhere else to sleep. Four of us had no other choice but to stay awake and wait until somebody gets up, so we can replace their resting space, on the floor. You resurrected from your silence after we started declaiming our disgust. I’m sorry Cherry Bustamante Burwell, it is more than difficult to be considerate to you being a target of our Odium.

If The Big Difference Communications is bewildered of our choice to decline your offers, I’ll tell you same answer I posted as a comment on, the distrust is too thick that our urge to party cannot penetrate it. We simply don’t trust your sympathy.


10 thoughts on “The Terrible PR Bungle Of Cherry Bustamante Burwell & Sandstorm Organizers

  1. I am so appalled that these horrendous series of misfits happened to fellow bloggers like you. I was invited too- but followed my instincts, thanked God! I am so sorry to hear this and thanks for sharing your story. I just can’t imagine if I will have to go through all these- for sure I will be reacting violently like my fangs and claws will instantly pop out in rage. Just thinking….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for sharing this David. There’s nothing wrong about expressing your opinion as a blogger. Your opinion does not take sides.

      We at first wanted to set things in private with her in trying to mend what had been done badly, but after finding out that we are not the only bloggers who had experienced the same insult done by the same person, we can’t justify her reasons. This makes us question her sincerity, her offers are inviting but none of us wants the risk of falling for another deceit.

      Your entry is great by the way, I appreciate your intention to cool the situation, but for now it isn’t the option we are ready to veer.


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