New Year’s Aftermath: Food For The Drunk

Happy New Year! Sorry for the late post, I have been pretty darn busy. Anyway, when the clock hit the 12:00 midnight last Dec. 31st of 2014, I bid goodbye to the year of the horse at work while taking customer service calls. Don’t worry I wasn’t upset because I am not sentimental about not being with my family at the New Year’s eve. After my shift I celebrated New Year’s with a few friends and ate some left overs from the previous night’s celebration.
image I had a great time and yes I got happy drunk but it wasn’t just Magners we drank, we had red wine and the extra strong Red Horse beer! Of course I got the chance to sleep for a couple of hours then went home tipsy.


Gosh! I haven’t updated my blog site for almost a month, I need to publish something new. So to keep myself awake and get rid of the alcohol in my system I cooked this big boy right here!

Sorry, I don’t have a name for this soup yet, but you can help me name it. It has chicken meat, onions, cabbage and carrots. Seasoned with a bit of salt, cayenne pepper, turmeric powder and of course simmered in chicken broth. This soup brought back my energy and my brain function.

After a nice sober, full-tummy evening I was imagining the stuff I’d like to see and do one day..For now they aren’t possible to reach.

Something Irish: My Irish “Wanna do’s”.


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