Waking up Feeling Awesome

IMG_20141202_213540No makeup, haven’t washed my face, not even a combed hair..Uhm, I just remembered I wore the same outfit as with my pictures on my previous post Allow Me To Be Silly: Selfies. I understand what I’m writing about may not make sense to many, I just simply want to share that I woke up feeling AWESOME today! As much as possible I want this fresh start of the year to be all positive in spite of my pecuniary difficulty due to last year’s holiday expenses! It is indeed true what they say that if you start your day right, the rest will fall into place. Not that I intend to sound ostensible, there’s no concealing of possibilities that things sometimes from a day-to-day basis falls out of hand. Such events are part of the natural cycle of the living, but they aren’t autopilot either, they are results of our actions. Admittedly, I often overthink my undertakings in most aspects life and many of those I have expressed myself to are seeing the same quandary about me. Even so, we are all capable of turning things around if we choose to and focus on not stressing ourselves too much. IMG_20141211_201714I am not earning from frittering away hours of my day writing in spite of my 11 hours shift as a customer service representative.

Presently, I’m reading and learning more about essay writing hoping one day I’d be qualified to become a paid contributor to an online magazine. As embarrassing as it is to confess, I am oftentimes down and out. Perhaps I have deemed lightly my lack of responsibility to make a stable living. I am not as negligent as totally not caring about my future and for the same point I am avoiding stressing myself again like I used to during my early 20’s. By the reason of learning the worth of appreciation and contentment, it changed my standpoint in life to an entire new level. This change perhaps is one of the most valuable lessons in life that not only needs to be acquired, but more importantly to concede wholeheartedly. Time for my coffee and poached eggs!


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