Victoria Court’s Beyond The Ordinary Lavish Suites

I have been to several hotels around my country. Each, with its own sophisticated room designs but all with the same standard classy look which I find pretty “generic” and “boring.” Understandably, one of the reasons behind the standardized interior in most hotels is because the largest number of guests are corporate men and women on business trips. Therefore, it has to stay in a reserved and conventional look.

austinpowersLet’s skip the boring hotel rooms and get ourselves feel the striking vibe of this “yeah-mazing Austin Powers inspired room.” The chick lip shape sofa, round bed and the door with a Union Jack Flag looks kinky. The ceiling art is not cool though, it kind of reminds me of the contained playgrounds.

marrakeshOh my God! Have I just transported to the future? This room’s futuristic and glossy style makes its appearance look like a large boudoir. This is perfect for bridal showers and ladies night. I cannot imagine this kind of hotel suite to exist here in the Philippines, thank you for Victoria court’s distinct taste. We ladies know where to go for a private night out!

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Two words that suit this warm cozy room, “romantic” and “luxurious.” This Scandinavian inspired bedroom is a well-combined workmanship of modern Viking artistry. Wow, that axehead, that acts as a headboard looks really fashionable. Though, to go by with the Norse art, it may have been better if they chose “metallic silver” because the “sunglow” theme is pretty much known for “Byzantine” art. Just an opinion :). Regardless, it’s still a sexy suite for second honeymooners and couples. EmbassyMen would definitely dig this contemporary look, the color combination of the walls, furniture and lighting is perfect for stag parties or even just a small gathering with drinks and great music. Highlighting that center pole makes it look very masculine.casinoroyaleDefinitely for the gamers! If you feel lazy going to a casino but you are itching to shuffle those playing cards or throw the dice. Why not bring the casino to your own room? Play poker in your nighties without a problem!

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 I totally love this room! The stone walls provide that cool, comfy and relaxing touch to its entire appearance.The ceiling is perfect! I just love the uncompromising minimalistic style of this suite. They made a good choice for the lighting fixtures too.

 Excited to see it yourself?

Address: Madre Ignacia Street, Malate, Manila, Metro Manila
Phone:(02) 521 1084

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