“The Samal Sunrise” – One Of Best Mornings To Experience

I don’t intend to appear mawkish but when you get the best moment that you have been pursuing, the moment everything around you finally makes you feel at ease. Right there and then you’re given the chance to ponder and be thankful for experiencing such a peaceful moment. Now, being an adult, I barely have the luck to experience such a wonderful time to cherish, just like this two days vacation, it was pure luck. I have planned it for a year and I almost lost hope of finding a cheap airfare for the calendar dates I wanted. Luckily, I found a really affordable airfare in spite of the busy holidays when every airline has ridiculous rates.

After I ate rice paired with my all time favorite grilled dried fish and fried egg for breakfast, I took a walk on the beach with the good old organic hot cocoa we call “tablea.” It is one of the best mornings I haven’t experienced for a while. I’ve never felt so relaxed and happy for a very, very long time. How I wish I will have more mornings like that if only I don’t need a job enough to sustain my responsibilities. I would be more than happy to exchange the life in the city to the life I used to have. But reality bites hard, after this vacation I’ll be back to the real world but at least I had the best morning that gives me the smiles. I said, “good morning, thank you” to the skies and to the sun warming up my cold cheeks. I also greeted the little creature passing by before me..There are so many beautiful places and chances mother nature and life has in store for us. All we need to do to be always thankful, keep moving forward until we bump into that “greatness” we have been wishing and working hard for.

I used the opportunity to soak my feet and sat on the fragile seagrass while the sun is starting to get bright, I just love the way it shines through the calm and clear sea waters. Even the trees are looking so beautiful

Samal Island has so much to offer for die hard beach lovers, vacationers and those who need a getaway from the stress of the BIG, BUZZLING CITY. You can check my other entry of my two days vacation in Samal Island. I Fell In Love With The Little Hagimit Water Falls. I will post another one soon.


3 thoughts on ““The Samal Sunrise” – One Of Best Mornings To Experience

  1. I also love sunrises. I used to go mountain climbing and I would camp out at the summit and wait for the break of the first light. It is just a wonderful sight. it can feel you with a lot of positive energy.

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