Food Review: A Memorable Food Feast At Mongkok’s

This Cantonese restaurant in Glorieta 2 Makati City is by far my favorite among all the Chinese restaurants I’ve gone to. The place may just the typical Chinese restaurant, but the food will hook you up!

Judging Time!

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1. Fried Shrimp Ball

OMG! I so love this edible ball! It looks lovely with that crispy noodle coating and it tastes delightful! This is deep-fried but impressively not oily. My favorite characteristic of this shrimp ball is its moist inside and its fine crunchy outside. It also goes very well with the sweet sauce. I was giggling out of joy while munching this wonderful balls. 🙂

2. Shrimp Asparagus

This is again a perfect fusion of the sea and earth elements, this stir-fry shrimps and asparagus doesn’t overpower each other. The asparagus wasn’t overcooked and it absorbed well the garlic, oyster sauce, and shrimp flavor 
. Having said, their appreciation of each others unique relish resulted, a very friendly dish.

3. Crispy Pata

Of course! Who the heck does not enjoy this deep-fried monster pig trotters and knuckles? Unless it’s too rubbery to a point of almost extracting your teeth as you bite the meat from the bone. I don’t judge it by the brittleness of the texture because that’s workable for the cook. But I judge it based on the taste of the meat underneath the skin. And yes! It met my expectations. All the spices are well incorporated and the meat sucked it all up.

4. Chinese Style Beef Tenderloin

This gets me excited to the bone! The perfect blend of cooking wine, oyster sauce, and the black pepper creates the irresistible enticing smell. The beef filets are tender and the dark thick sauce is surprisingly gentle to the tongue. Even without the beef filets, you can pair the sauce along with the rice, that’s how tasty it is.

5. Mango Puree with Tapioca Balls

I don’t get to eat this oriental dessert often as I wish. Granted the opportunity  to reunite with my mango lover in a tiny bowl makes me happy! Though, some of the tapioca balls was under-cooked because it’s sticking to each other, it requires timed cooking but I guess they just rushed it. Overall, I still enjoyed it.

6. Seaweed and Crab Stick Roll and Seafood Roll.

They both are great! Steamed well, has the precise moisture inside and it taste full of seafood flavor. Let’s admit that some dumplings make you feel dowie as soon as you chew it.

7. Chicken and Egg Soup

Eating this brought back my senses, it’s a wonder soup that warms up the slowing mind. I consider this as food for the brain and I congratulate Mongkok for a job well done. It tastes quite natural, I didn’t notice any unlikely solids. Both chicken and egg in this soup merged gracefully.

8. Fried Salt And Pepper Squid

My teeth and my gums did not suffer at all, this tender-fried Squid is an epitome of the simple yet undisputed strength of salt and pepper. Deep-frying squids requires proper attention, because as we all know, if it gets overcooked it will have a terribly rubber-like texture.

9. Radish Cake. (Originally called Daikon Cake)

I judge the food not by the liking of my appetite but by how it traditionally should taste like. Whew! That was serious! The first time, I ate a pan-fried radish cake (or carrot cake for Singaporeans) at Tim Ho Wan in SM Mega Mall. I didn’t enjoy it. My thinking was, if it’s made of radish, it is probably fermented. It tastes more to me like an imperceptible flavored sponge cake, (well I was ignorant of what radish cake was.) Though, it was very new to me, I understand that’s how it should taste like. But Mongkok’s radish cake captured my liking and I appreciate its distinct flavor now.

10. Qing Dao Spareribs

If there’s one thing unforgettable about this dish, it is the penetrating sweetness of the thick sauce. It’s a nice dish, but I find the thick sauce overwhelming that I couldn’t perceive the spareribs natural flavor.

Take a visit! They are Available in Two Locations Of Makati City

Second Floor, Glorietta 2, Ayala Center, Glorietta Complex, Makati City
Phone: (02) 625-5170
Power Plant Mall, Rockwell
Lower Ground Floor, Rockwell Drive Corner Estrella Street Rockwell Center, Makati City
Phone: (02) 756-5712

Operation hours are 10:00am to 9:00pm


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