We All Have Bad Days

IMG_0255We all have bad days, we have seldom bad days and we have countless bad days. They only differ in the kind of unsatisfactory and how bad they are. We have fishy days, when everything around us seems suspicious and you can only trust your gut feeling. We also have fishy days when you are only left with your suspicion, but finding proof isn’t doable. We even have fishy days like if you are in trouble and you feel like the people who say they want to help you, are just faking it.

Sometimes we feel like a scoop of ice cream and horrendously melting along with those different flavors in a huge bowl. I hate strawberry ice cream because it is pink and so as others disliking my favorite coffee flavored ice cream because they’d rather have Starbucks. Or when they are overwhelmed with the ice cream, they complain because of brain freeze. 


Yes, we all have bad days. Just like my this man’s day, terribly bad hair day. In my case, my bad days have gone too far into giving me dandruff. I even care less of spending a day without combing my hair. And yes, bad days can heighten itself to its most excruciating density. So what if I used the word “density?” – That’s how bad my day is.


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