What’s New About Modern Pinay Breaking Traditional Values?


Modern Dating: 

  • Showing interest in a guy doesn’t mean chasing him.
  • Doesn’t mean a girl is not suppose to initiate a conversation with him
  • Doesn’t mean being friends with him makes a girl unchallenging to be pursued
  • Doesn’t mean if he impregnated the girl, she will force him to marry her.
  • Doesn’t mean to move in together requires marriage.


The so-called “modern dating” is no longer in secrecy in the Philippines despite the country’s strong cultural values. More often than not, many individuals would rather choose a more heuristic approach in dating. This companionship transition suggests a mix of various reactions from people with different backgrounds. Traditional individuals believe this is unethical and others have the thought about such choice being made only by those who probably has unamended relationship issues from past affairs. Even worse it could be because of a single person’s very high standards in choosing a partner. Both denote just two of the many reasons why this change is becoming more popular. But what exactly is the common denominator with people practicing the “modern dating?” Do we really understand ourselves in this choice besides the fear of getting tangled into a distressing situation?

I wonder why it’s still a surprise about the growing number of Filipino women who are getting wired with modern dating. Philippines is one of the Asian countries known for being firmly attached to its Christian roots. Being said this subject of a more daring culture is becoming an eye of interest. Even for those who aren’t religious who still displays adherence to this cultural upbringing. Evidently, what I’d rather call “reciprocal relationship,” seems to involve more adult professionals than college students. My implied comparison may be awkward, but I find this similar to the climate change, (it’s all part of human nature.) It is an influential change that each of us has to adjust and live up with. I chatted with a few girls working in the much more conservative industries for their viewpoint regarding modern dating. They all have the same answer, women trying modern dating know it well that it’s not about not having the time to be in a serious relationship. It’s about being practical when it comes to relationship decisions and keeping most of the benefits of being single. Including the excitement of meeting new people (not necessarily hooking up.) The decreasing gender-gap entitles more Filipino women of decisions that are often observed privileged to men. Therefore, we have the opportunity to explore and let our sense of adventure go beyond the traditional of meeting a partner.

The value of our independence to be whoever we choose to be with and until when is what we care the most, but often abused. For Filipino women, this is displaying a sign that our reserved nature is changing. Is it for good? Maybe for those who handles it well regardless of the consequences. Nonetheless, there are still several Filipino women who struggle to shift from the old-fashioned courtship. Questions of morality, cultural ethics, and conservative families disapproval are the major issues to seeing the most practical side of this new dating culture.


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