Frugal Living : Pig’s Trotters Stew

IMG_0913I have been eating oat meals, vermicelli, hotdogs, fried eggs and chorizos and anything quick-to-cook  meals for the past 2 weeks. You can get fed up eating same kinds of food every day, so I cooked my favorite pork stew! However, since I keep a firm budget, I cooked a budget friendly version. Nothing special, just need to be more resourceful.


Anyway, I only spent 150 Philippine Pesos to get all the ingredients I need. I bought a kilo of  PIG TROTTERS, (you can also use the Pig knuckles or the upper leg if you like it better.) Two bundles of bok choy or Chinese cabbage, potatoes, black peppercorns, two heads of red onion, one head of garlic, ginger root and seasoning.


Wash the pig trotters under running water, then tenderize it by letting it boil for an hour with two tablespoons of vinegar, just 3 glasses of water and cuts of ginger root. This way, it will remove most of the unwanted fat and lift it to the surface. Also, vinegar helps draw out the natural flavors of the bones and collagen. I use coconut vinegar because I find it milder than white vinegar, apple cider is also a good alternative.

bok-choyWhen the meat is tender, discard half of the liquid, just to get rid of the unwanted impurities such as fatty grease. Add the black peppercorns, sliced onions, and pressed cloves of garlic into the pot. Mix all the ingredients together until it absorbs all the flavors. You can now add more water, cayenne pepper, the sliced potatoes, and seasoning. 07Let it simmer for another 15 minutes. The last ingredient, to throw into the pot is the bok choy or Chinese cabbages. I turn off the heat after I put in the leafy veggies because I don’t want it overcooked. I like it better when it’s just partly cooked, anyway it still releases its veggie flavor to the soup.

Now, I need to cook rice.


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