My Girly Side Speaks: What I Think About Bath And Body Works Products

IMG_20141130_211156_1I bought myself an Acer laptop last December of 2014 and a nice Shubizz high-heel sneakers. This year, I decided to reward again, the girl in me. I lost count how long it has been since the last time I bought something girly for myself, it was probably 2 or 3 years ago. From then on, I have been like a tomboyRegularly, I go out wearing t-shirts or any loose top, comfy, but doesn’t look attractive. The bag I use, even until now, is a sporty bag pack, I don’t wear a makeup anymore, not even a face powder. I bought for myself a mint color Lacoste cross shoulder bag and a large Nine West tote bag which I am so thrilled to use anytime soon.


What am I going to fill that bag with? Of course! Another girly stuffs! Bath & Body Works Carried Away Shower Gel, Sugar Plum DREAM fine fragrance mist, and Amber Romance “untamed” hydrating body lotion. But let’s make this entry a little worth the read at least, so I will also write a product review. After years of being distant on the “girly side of me,” it caught my attention when I saw these items during different occasions.

IMG_1030I am not a big user of shower gels, I’ve got too much masculinity in me that I regularly use germicidal bath soaps. It’s not like I smell manly, but for my regular body cleaning, I like it better washing my skin with soap. But this shower gel, the reason I fell in love with this product because it has that refreshing floral and sweet fruity fragrance that is not overly sweet, but rather energizing. I use this before I go to bed.

IMG_1032With the hydrating lotion, this vibrant lotion in an orange bottle has a sultry jasmine and vanilla scent that meets my taste. I live in the Philippines where it is often sunny, wearing lotion in semi-humid temperature is totally uncomfortable. I hate the sticky combination of sweat and grease, I like that this product isn’t as greasy as other lotions.


Last but not the least, this nice purple colored bottle of fine fragrance mist. I got caught in between choosing the wild Madagascar and this limited edition sugar plum dream. But I choose the sugar plum dream because of its sweet, raspberry smoothie scent. I can’t think of anything to compare it with. I just love its mild, charming scent just like a freshly made raspberry smoothie with milk.

That’s it for now, thank you for taking the time to sneak on my blog page!


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