Panna Cotta Just Saved Me!

wpid-img_20150123_064554_12.jpg.jpegI spent an evening with my favourite hot chocolate and my new favourite cigarette brand Chesterfield. I’m savouring the joy of being appreciated (I still giggle till now, as I write.) It’s a great feeling when people enjoy the result of your passion. I love cooking as much as I love to eat.

IMG_1136I was chatting three nights ago with my colleagues at work and they mentioned to me how they miss those weekend shifts that I cook and bring the food to the office for them, considering the company’s cafeteria don’t operate during the weekends. It boosted my spirit the fact that they remembered it and I didn’t! It was like three years ago! The picture on the right is one of my favourites, I cooked that yesterday.

IMG_1152Luckily, the idea came just in time when I am down and out. When I introduced panna cotta to my colleagues, they enjoyed it. The following day, I successfully sold 25 pieces of panna cotta, just enough to make sufficient budget for the next orders. New orders continuously come. I am happy with the things progressing in my life right now. It may not be as wild as it used to be, 5 years ago, but at least it’s getting better from how bad it was.

IMG_1182This is such a blessing in disguise because all my pay went to settling debts and bills which gets me a bit troubled how to survive the following two weeks until the next payday. It’s inspiring to do more of this and I am now thinking of advancing to new flavours and start a free taste just like what I first did before I begin selling it.

Panna Cotta Just Saved Me!


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