A Great Night Spent: Street Chef’s Superior Version Of Street Food

streetchief-new food menu september 2014-revised-2-border-final2You could never imagine that a simple street food can become classy. An uninhibited resto bar located somewhere in Mandaluyong City is serving the upscale version of street food. Street Chef is taking the ordinary street food to a whole new level. I have a list of my favourites from this resto-bar.


 Sizzling Balut. Can you guess what this is? Yes, believe it or not, it’s a duck eggs embryo transformed into an even better dish. The famous Filipino street food called “balut“, but this is its sizzling version. The tasty mushroom sauce complements the unique taste of balut, making it very inviting.


Crispy Menudo. It looks pretty ordinary, but it is far from an ordinary Menudo. It’s a bunch of crispy pork meat bathed in a savoury, peppery sauce. The edges are literally crunchy, the fat layer underneath the pork skin doesn’t taste oily and the peppery sauce enhanced the ordinary Menudo to an unforgettable Crispy Menudo.


Adobong Adidas. Why the heck we Filipinos named it after a famous Shoe brand?!! I honestly don’t know, all I know is, this Spicy Chicken feet is absolutely tasty! Try to eat this without thinking of the Chicken fingers or toes whichever you call it, you will appreciate its potential to become one of your favourites!  I grew up loving this chicken feet! My favorite part is the collagen, the best way to cook this is spicy adobo..Yummilicious!IMG_20150103_234533_1~2

Pork Sisig. You could never go wrong with the famous Pork Sisig! The best ever to pair with any alcoholic drinks. Though, Sisig comes in various techniques of cooking and each restaurant I know that serves this pork dish points to create its own character. What makes the Street Chef’s Sisig better than the others? It simply remains on the original recipe, and it’s not very oily which is great :).

IMG_0608Beef And Mushroom: The Culinarians behind this flavourful dish are not professional Chefs, but they have special gifts for making delicious meals. Because this Beef and Mushroom turned out so well, that even with just the mushrooms and sauce alone, is enough to make you want to eat more rice.

IMG_20150103_224039 Fish And Chips. Street Chef does not only serve all-Filipino street food, they also serve popular Pinoy favorites, like this Fish N’ Chips. The Chicken doesn’t taste bland, thank God! And the potato chips are crispy and the slices are not too thick which I really like.


Leche De Mango: I’m in love with this dessert, the heavy cream on top, the acidic ripe mangoes and the milky leche flan are three contrasting textures that just turned out beautifully. The best part is, the size matches the price.


Crazy Tapa: This spicy beef certainly deserves its name. The incorporation of spices resulted in such crazy aroma which I love, and looking at the dark texture of the meat, I thought that it might taste overwhelming. However, I was wrong.

Where To Find It?

Address: San Rafael Street, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila 

Operation Hours: 6:00 – 10:00 am, 11:00 am – 2:00 pm, 6:00 pm – 2:00 am

Contact numbers: +63905-345-2433 / +63918-888-2433

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/streetchefphilippines/ 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/iamstreetchef

Instagram: streetchefphilippines

Street Chef is a relaxing place to chill out, not too fancy, spacious and they have a large and clean loo which I am very particular of.




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