Bad Mother: The Woman Who Rejected Her Baby With Down Syndrome


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Dad Refuses to Give Up Newborn Son With Down Syndrome.

I don’t want to be rude, but I have a reason to be one because after reading this article I almost wish that the child’s mother will suffer a fatal illness as a punishment for being such a terrible person. What kind of parent threatens her husband a divorce for choosing to keep THEIR CHILD with down syndrome? The only parents I could understand who choose to give up their children are those who have lives in danger and those with an intention is to give their children a financially secured future that they can’t provide. But a mother who showed disgust to her child just because of his imperfection with down syndrome is just inhuman.

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Woman Defends Herself After Husband Says She Gave Up Newborn Baby With Down Syndrome

There’s an article stating the defense of this child’s mother claiming she did not get any support from her husband regarding the decision of keeping the child or not. Seriously?? For her being a mother, the minute she gave birth of her child with or without her husband’s opinion she should already know whether to keep the baby or not. The baby is not in a dying state for her to feel pressured in making the decision. The explanation on her side that no one was there to help her make the right decision and her husband wasn’t there to support her is such a stupid excuse. It’s easy to understand that he is against with her choice to give up the baby and she took it against him. And now, she hopes for sympathy after it finally sinks into her how many haters she have created. She appears to me to a very self-absorbed person to understand anything outside herself. I have high school classmates who became parents at the tender age of 15 and 16. The only worry they have had was how to financially support their children, but none of them had the decision struggle of keeping their children after giving birth. No child deserves such humiliation, especially those with special needs. I have read her statement in an article and in any way I try to find a pragmatic reason to understand her, it’s just she has no valid excuse at all. I admire the father of the baby for making the perfect decision to take his son with him and one day her ex-wife will suffer the consequences of her actions.


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