My Valentines Day Zoomanity Craze

When the month of Cupid came down to spread some love, my colleagues were already on the rush pre-ordering flowers, gifts and calling restaurants for reservation. The lodging hotels looked almost like evacuation centers full of horny couples ready to shoot firecrackers. While I worry what recipe to cook when I get home. Indeed, the life of being single in the month of LOVE isn’t as colourful as having a romantic partner. Let’s face it. There are perks and there are disadvantages of being single, you name them. My singlehood even reflected on my supposedly Cookies and Cream Panna Cotta. It tastes delicious, but it looks like a heart made of concrete. IMG_1222

Since I am single and didn’t find a hot man to mingle, I just spent my valentines day showing my love to animals with a few friends. Having fun without a romantic companion means love is still in the air, I enjoyed seeing different kinds of animals and besides that, it was a fun road trip. Zoocobia Fun Zoo And Paradise Ranch located in Clark, Pampanga is a nice place to spend time with your family and even when solo.

It was never part of my plan that day to visit the zoo, but these four people next to me doesn’t take NO for an answer. They apparently didn’t listen to me and convinced the driver of the tour bus to fetch me from work. How can I say NO when you have the whole gang of twenty bloggers forcing you to get inside the bus?

IMG_1284The trip was an estimated three-hour drive from Manila to Pampanga and before reaching the actual facility, you will pass by small houses owned by the Aeta tribe living nearby the zoo. Most of them works at the zoo as caretakers.

Inside you will see stacks of hay and straw with some of it bedding the floor (I forgot to take pictures of it.) A few very friendly goats and cute free-ranch hogs can also be seen wandering freely. There’s another barn inside the ranch with wagyu cows, horses, ponies and camels that seems to like me :). It was also my first time to see an Asian bearcat that looks cuddly and creepy at the same time. Sorry for the low quality of some of the pictures, my camera was acting up.

One of the enjoyable activities in Zoocobia is the gravity car ride or what they call Zooc ride. I was the first in the group to try it and the moment it ran downhill and sped up even more as I maneuver, I just got crazy about it. The acceleration simply made me feel like a kid again and boy I am glad I made it to the finish line alive even without wearing my glasses on. My only regret is I wasn’t able to find anyone to take a picture of me at that very exciting moment.

They also offer night shows such as the night owl show and fancy pigeon display. But my favorite performance is the dance show. The dancers are wearing the light up costumes and backed up with a spaceship attached to their zip line’s cable allowing it to move in different directions. It really looks like a flying saucer in the dark, shifting up and down above the trees.


The most memorable for me is the night lantern festival. It may look easy to launch, but if you are a beginner you might find it hard to light up the wax. Mine almost got set on fire before it could even fly, good thing I was able to burn the wax as quick as I could. The wish lantern climbed gently to the sky with my wishes. I do hope it made it to GOD’s mail box.


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