Simple Lang Restaurant’s Modern Filipino Cuisine

This humble restaurant situated in the heart of Ayala Triangle, Makati City have transformed the simple Filipino home cooking menu into a whole new level. Simplé Lang restaurant showcases their artistic culinary skills that are definitely worth the attention of foodies.

 Turon Bites: This is now one of my favorites, thanks to simple lang restaurant for transforming an ordinary turon to an extraordinary tropical sweetness. What advances this banana craze from the ordinary turon we know is the toasted sesame seeds drizzled on top and then glazed adequately with condensed milk.


Chicken Binakol in a Buko: At first glance, I was a bit puzzled of what kind of meal they were serving us. I was like, “dessert before the main course?” I assumed it was some kind of fruit salad in a coconut husk. Well, after removing the banana leaf, to my surprise it was a chicken soup with chayote and sili leaves! Forgive me for sounding clueless but it’s not a common dish in a big city like Makati. As expected, the unity of tropical home cooking results in a distinct soothing dish. Slightly sweet soup base is unmistakenly of the coconut meat and the chayote.


 Sinigang na Crispy Bagnet sa Watermelon: Asian cuisine has always been diverse when it comes to combining tropical ingredients. Just like cooking Cardaba or Saba bananas to pork/beef pochero and green papayas to chicken stew. Both tropical fruits are versatile, having the ability to pick up hot, sour and sweet flavors. But a watermelon to crispy pork belly stew? Sounds pretty odd isn’t it? Just think about the fatty pork belly simmered with the watery flesh of watermelons. I first assumed that it’s the watermelon’s smooth hard rind that they added to the stew, again, I was wrong. The light sweet juices of the watermelon gave justice to the crispy but fatty pork belly. Who would have thought that the two adverse flavors make a really nice dish?


Foil Grilled Pla-Pla: The goodness of one of the summer’s best dish. Steamed Pla pla is marinated in a sinigang broth. For this type of preparation, the broth is a mixture of minced tomatoes, red onions, ginger, green chili, and scallion, nicely wrapped in a foil then served in a steamboat.


 Fried Chicken Pandan: The only downside of this supposedly impressive dish is the size of the chicken, it’s quite small. But taste wise, it’s an awesome summer recipe.I love the peppery and garlicky flavor of fried chicken, the screwpine or pandan leaves fragrant aroma adds flavor to this fried chicken.


One thing that the restaurant needs to bring attention to is their customer service, their staff isn’t as attentive as they should but I’m definitely looking forward to trying their other menu. I want to try their Buko Pandan Pinipig Crush, Mango Madness Crush and Crispy Palabok.

Address: Ayala Triangle Gardens, Ayala Ave. cor Makati Ave. Bel-air, Makati City

Operation Hours: Mondays to Sundays 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Contact number: (02) 621-6162




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