Online dating FAIL : What Women Say That SCARES Men Off.


In order to attract attention and get more than a few romantic prospects, we should put a striking personal profile. But girls sometimes forget that men are uneasy to understand. Men have their figurative way of expressing their opinions. It’s better to ask them and hope for a clearer answer. I spoke with a few men I met both from online and outside the internet world. What makes them skip the profile and move to the next one? Their answers surprised me. What girls believe attracts men is what makes them click the “NEXT.”

1. “No perverts allowed. I only entertain decent men.”

As per Rhett, 30, a novelist and a bladesmith from Manitoba, Canada. ” Spooks me? Hmm, put that way, I’d be wary of girls who portray themselves as Ms. Goody Two Shoes, and lay down criteria for men to message them, but their pictures tells something different.”

— It  simply hits the category of Miss Phony. If your profile information is unprovocative, but you have selfies of you lip pouting and highlighting your frontal coin insert. Then there’s an obvious matching error in there. Are you sure you are not up for a risque get-to-know-each-other?

— OK, you are a decent girl who just wants to meet new friends online. Unfortunately, you are on a dating site, you put up your profile and everybody can see it! There’s no FILTER for the perverts and non-perverts. You can’t dictate who can see your pictures and who can contact you. If you don’t like the person, just press “DELETE” and ” BLOCK.” Simple.

 2. ” I am just a simple girl.”

For Pete, 35, a Musician and Dancer from New Castle, Australia ” If she is actually simple,, she won’t think to say that, it’s very unlikely to be true.” 

— Girls, don’t get me wrong. What I never understand is why many women want to be “simple?” Isn’t that super boring if you want someone to notice you on the dating site? As much as I hate to second-guess, to me it seems like she doesn’t have anything to say about herself.

  3. “Accept me for who I am.”

– As per Mike, 33, a Marketing Manager from Linz, Austria. ” Not that it’s wrong because that’s important, but it makes me think there is something wrong with her. haha”

 – I was taken aback by his answer, but I figured the reasonableness of its warning. This gives him the pressure that he has to learn to accept, about something he does not know about her. It’s the fact that we are all strangers and to get to know someone better takes time. Each of us is entitled to have a choice regardless if it is fair or not.

 4. “I can’t believe I’m on a dating site.”

As per Jim, 27, a Military, from Athens, Greece. ” Well if she thinks dating sites are silly,, then the guy is obviously silly for being there. It just belittles us guys ” 

– Hmm?? Why are you on a dating site anyway? Hypocrisy.

5. “I don’t want this and I won’t do that.”

Fernando, 24, Pianist from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. ” Good luck. A woman who starts making rules before you even know her is scary.” 

— I think this goes for guys too. We all have our pet peeves, there’s nothing wrong about being totally honest as quick as possible. However, there is a proper timing for bringing up your dislikes. Let’s face it, guys don’t fall for a girl too easily. They value their freedom that’s why they take their time to be emotionally comfortable with someone.


10 thoughts on “Online dating FAIL : What Women Say That SCARES Men Off.

  1. It’s all the same – whether online or meeting personally.

    No one lays down the cards on the table accurately or willingly. Far too often, intentional or not, we all project an image of ourselves that we want people to see.

    It is only after a period of time being together that all becomes clear. This is not entirely true because there are many couples living together for years or decades, and yet there are still secrets.


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