4437081546_5cedb0a509_bEvery force of my heartbeat shouts the frustrations falling down on my feet

Whenever I try to flee, it becomes even harder to breathe..

Too many shackles intertwined on both my hands and my feet

Just wanting me to be weak – no! I won’t go back to that seat.

Understanding emptiness, my dignity is now close to its death.

Feels nothing more but the taste of each of my mistakes springing the fret.

As long as I can hold this shit down, I won’t make any sound

Even if I hit the ground, invisible to the crowd

All of this, just allows the world to see my regrets

Even though it’s for the best, I still can’t get it off my burning chest.

All the swear that I said, all the doubts in my head

Keeping me locked in the pit of my secrets I have long gone put to rest

Lesson learned, after neglecting my duties

I ended simply crushing my remaining opportunities.

How I wish I can go back to the old days

Spending all of my best days

Now, there ain’t any unity, all is left is the mutiny

Against the monsters, I created, fed and supported..


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