Food Review: Schmidt’s Gourmet Global Monster Hotdogs

I Checked out this dining place at The Podium last night to try something new. At first, the prices held me back a little, but when I saw the serving size, I was like “Oh boy! It’s a BIG one!” A 125 grammes of sausage. They indeed serve great quantities which are good for two customers with an average appetite.

Ranking Time:

 1. Wagamama If you rarely do a food encounter of hotdogs you might find it unusual to have shredded nori topping. But hey! It’s a fusion of Asian flavours that we are mostly familar of. The pleasant mildness of Japanese curry with Japanese mayo and the unique saltiness of nori gives Wagamama a spot in my favourites list.


2. Hawaiian Dog What I appreciate about Schmidt’s version of Hawaiian dog is that the sweetness of the pineapple chunks in the barbeque sauce did not surfeit my appetite.


3. The Julius This is totally a monster dog, generous amount of parmesan cheese and large bacon strips on top of the fresh and crunchy slaw. Definitely the monster dog you’d enjoy messing up with, don’t worry they provide plastic gloves anticipating it will be messy.


4. Pasta with Asian Sesame Sauce / Pasta Agilio Olio We had pasta with Asian sesame sauce as their pasta of the day, it is just like
Wagamama mixed in pasta. I haven’t tried this variety of pasta before, but I find it surprisingly delicious. Though this kind of pasta flavour may be too different from the Filipino liking. Also, serving temperature sometimes affects the taste of the food. I suggest to eat it while it’s still hot because the taste decreases when it gets cold. The pasta with bacon and parmesan cheese of course met my expectations, but this is a common dish in many restaurants around Manila, I still find the one with Asian Sesame Sauce a standout.

5. Coney Island Chili Dog My only disappointment was, it doesn’t have the pleasant burning feeling that it should have. But then, I realize that it’s for customers who love the Coney Island Chili Dog without the hot kick. When I get back there I will request for a hotter Chili Dog.


6. Seattle Dog It didn’t wow me because I am not a fan of pickles. But, I still enjoyed it because the mustard and barbeque sauce neutralised the pickles and sauerkraut’s distinct sour flavour.


 7. Nachos With Cheese And Jalapeno Undoubtedly delicious! I don’t even need to elaborate. There’s an option for you to pay additional to add bacon bits on your nachos too.


 You will also like the brewed iced tea, Dr. Pepper and A&W Soda that they offer. Judging over their choice of theme colour, they have a neat counter and the wood brown walls along with the wood tables and chairs suits well with their business name.

Location: 5th Floor, The Podium, ADB Avenue, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City

Contact number: +63 917 8939287


Operation hours: Fri – Sun: 4:00 pm – 3:00 am

Facebook Page:




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