My Food Journey Of Tasty Traditions In Intramuros

There are many Filipino restaurants around Intramuros that would make you appreciate the great years of the classic Metro Manila. There’s one very simple looking restaurant I found, close to the Manila Cathedral. It reminded me of the good old years of traditional home cooking, served to frequent customers who are mostly employees of nearby establishments. I am thankful that at least, Intramuros firmly maintains the timeless beauty of these old buildings, even business owners are not allowed to modernize the design of the establishments.

The name of the restaurant is Marso, I only tried 2 of their menu, and so far the experience was delightful.

1. Pancit Canton – A classic recipe loved and shared by Chinese and Filipinos, my favorite! The noodles are not soggy, it was well seasoned and the veggies were cooked just right for your taste buds to identify its flavor. I love the essence of the black pepper present on this dish, you can inhale it as you eat. I had the same feeling when I was back in my hometown, the way the pancit canton was prepared tastes very similar to the traditional restaurants in Davao City that had been operating for more than 40 years.

2. Korean Beef Stew – A Filipino version of Beef Stew, it was cooked perfectly. Seasoned well, the extracts of the tender beef slices and the well-timed sauteed veggies were complementing each other resulting a savory Filipino style Korean Beef Stew. I was carefully observing the taste as I chew the crunchy bean sprouts. And they also make generous serving. The environment was like taking you back to the early the 70’s. The way it was structured is classic Filipino inspired, dark brown wood panels with French double doors and wall-mount light fixtures. The top section of the door has a windowed concrete frame, it also has the traditional type balconies which accent the entire exterior of the establishment.

I’m from Mandaluyong, it was painstaking to get there, but it was all worth it! Will go back to try their other menu..


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