Food Review: Drizzly Morning Spent At 121 Grille Sports Bar

Earlier today, I went to 121 Grille Sports Bar because my colleagues chose a videoke with alcoholic drinks and food. There’s this bar located somewhere in Libis, in Quezon City. If you like the crowd, Eastwood is like an oasis of restaurants, bars, and cafes. I, myself like the patio umbrellas and the line of outdoor dining tables and chairs in front of each restaurants.
1. Vegetable Royale: Among the 4 dishes served, only this one and the Bagoong Fried rice I enjoyed. The veggies wasn’t undercooked and seasoned just right. I love the cornlettes! The serving size is pretty fair since the price range mostly includes the alcoholic drinks.

IMG_18652. Bagoong Fried Rice: This is good, the fried rice had just the right amount of shrimp paste mixed with small red chilies and then topped with scrambled egg. The rice has mild saltiness from the shrimp paste and it wasn’t oily. Overall, fried well. IMG_18863. 121 Pork Sinigang: Moderately concentrated tamarind soup and nicely simmered pork meat to tender. However, the vegetables were overcooked.
IMG_18474. Buffalo Wings: This is a disappointing dish. Buffalo wings should have a penetrating savory sour flavor with a hint of spice, it should start crispy on the outside but would go soggy as soon as you dip it in a sauce. It tastes like a sour fried chicken to me. It was paired with creamy dressing, but it didn’t have a hint of butter, which is another thumbs down. IMG_18594. White Chocolate Cheesecake: This was supposed to be a superb dessert, if only the chocolate sauce drizzled doesn’t taste like the bottled Hershey chocolate syrup. Don’t get me wrong for being bothered with that, they priced it just like the cheesecakes on really nice pastry cafes. I only know that Hershey chocolate syrup is used for cold desserts like smoothies or ice cream, like a banana split. It’s my first time to try a cheesecake with that kind of chocolate sauce.FRqjrhsoZWU1LTfpf97i6sLFHSexqeWYR7yZe-faM4s=w383-h511-no

Well, customer service is kinda OK, their videoke machine needs some maintenance check because it freezes in the middle of the song.  Will try their other menu next time, until then I give ’em a score of 3 over 5.


Unit G1B & G2B Eastwood Citywalk Phase 1 188 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave, Bagumbayan

Contact Number: (02) 687 6963


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