A Health Care Service That Cares For The Budget

For most of us Filipinos, health care is outside the list of what we are working hard for. When it comes to preparing for future medical needs, most of us save money preferably in a bank account, rather than paying for a monthly healthcare membership. If offered a health care plan, we always have this subject, are the benefits worth our money? Perhaps, this matter stems from the question regarding its investment value. Then, it tenses us up being uncertain of the right health care plan to choose.

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Not all companies cover a jobseeker’s pre-employment medical examinations. Apparently, pre-employment medical tests have different price tags and most are not budget friendly for a jobless person. I remember a disappointing experience when I got the job offer from an employment agency to work in a 5-star hotel. I whined about the expensive pre-employment medical examination package that I apparently need to pay myself in order to proceed with the job. Good thing there’s this Smart Check-up prepaid card that only costs P499 which already covers the medical history taking, physical examination, chest x-ray, complete blood count, urinalysis, and fecalysis tests.

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Companies are required to provide their employees health care benefits, but there’s one situation familiar to most employees like me: figuring out what to do when you can no longer get coverage through work. This situation troubles many of us. How can we understand what health care is all about without feeling anxious about its worth of money? We really don’t have to be stuck on the cost and value issue. Simply think of the best gift you can give to yourself which is to live a productive life that will keep us functional without hurting our budget plans. We need a health care service that has the intention to make it easier for us to understand, and trust that there’s more to health care than not being sick. We don’t need to get sick to secure our future medical needs, and options are flexible, only if we put effort into finding the right health care option for our ease.

PhilCare not only cares for your physical health, they also care for your wallet’s health. To get down to the details, you can check their official website www.philcare.com.ph Top HMO provider in the Philippines.


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