Food Review: Sodam Korean Restaurant’s SO-DAM Affordable Buffet

If you find yourself desiring to pig out on Korean food, you might want to try this Korean restaurant that offers a wide variety of traditional Korean dishes for a seriously affordable price. Only PHP299!!!! YES! It’s PHP299!!

Budget-friendly? Certainly!!
Food Quality? Good enough.
Friendly Staff? Yes.
Spacious Place? No, but manageable

This restaurant is often crowded, so even though they accommodate walk-ins I still suggest a call ahead for reservation. What I like about the restaurant is its simple ambiance, it may be in lack of space but comfortable enough to enjoy your food.

The food I enjoyed:

1. Bulgogi: Who doesn’t love a tender and well-seasoned bulgogi meat slices whether pork or beef that would clutch your appetite as soon as your nostrils capture its aroma?IMG_18952. Radish Soup: Love this soup! It has pork belly sliced into thin strips and then simmered in a well-infused vegetable broth. This soup is a great starter before pigging out on meaty dishes, it helps warm up your stomach.IMG_19093. Grilled Eggplant: Tender and savory; which means it was cooked well done. Not too salty and not bland either. I munched a lot of this eggplant that I forgot about the other dishes they serve.IMG_19014. Vegetable Pancake: I like how well they cooked the leafy veggies and how soft it was to bite. When it comes to texture; it was gummy in the middle and not oily which is great. However, I find it a bit sweeter and not very herby.IMG_19085. Unlimited Pork Belly: I totally enjoyed eating this crispy even when is not seasoned.

6. Dukbukki With Cheese: Gooey rice cakes in red savory sauce topped with melted cheese. Just imagine how delicious such is, even more when you taste it. IMG_19447. Savory Mussels: Just the way I described it, tells enough how mouthwatering It was. The color and the flavor matched. IMG_1897 (copy)
8. Kimchi Soup: This soup is tasty though I wish it would have been spicy and less greasy.IMG_1910The rest of the food are ok for me, considering the very budget-friendly rate of their buffet, they also serve alcoholic beverages. Additionally, Wifi service is available free of charge. Areas of improvement; they need to pay attention to the sanitation of their toilet or lavatory.

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Where to find It?

331 P. Guevarra Street, Little Baguio, San Juan City
Contact Numbers?
(02) 246-9069 ext. 264
(02) 654-6428 – For reservation
Globe Number: +63 905 393 4190
Social Media?

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