Food Review: A Gang Of Food At The Vikings Buffet Restaurant

A supposed buffet expedition that ran short because I didn’t get the chance to explore and take photos of the dizziful variety of food at the famous Vikings SM Mega Mall. Yes, “dizziful” isn’t in any dictionary but it suits well how wide the food range at the Vikings Buffet restaurant is. I honestly got confused about how I could even start composing a write-up for this food review because of the enormous selections of food variety. Walking through the stations (even skipped some) I gathered the dishes what I think is worth to rate.   viking meal4Japanese Cuisine:

Definitely Enjoyable! I didn’t feel satiated munching each type of fresh sushi I picked. The whitefish sushi and the salmon sushi were all so delectable. My new favorite is the sauteed octopus with seaweed. I love the semi-sweet sauce combined with the distinct flavor of seaweed and well-tenderized baby octopus. Great job with the cook who prepared it because octopus meat is one of the most challenging to cook. A simple miss can get its texture pretty rubbery. The oyster is a HIT!

viking meal3Meat Dishes:
The smoky smell, the slightly charred edges and the juiciness is just perfect. I am talking about the roasted Angus beef  that made me forget about portion control. The sinful Filipino food, the magnificent lechon’s crunchy skin and tender meat made my dinner super meal2Beverages:
Each beverage has more than three flavors in which I tried all of it for the sake of this review. Even those which are not for my liking still deserves a good score simply because it captured the exact meal1There are a few dishes that didn’t meet my expectations but doesn’t discourage me at all from going back. Vikings make the best buffet and a little inconsistency isn’t really disappointing.  I was expecting a savory Patatim but the second batch served didn’t taste as good as the first batch. Perhaps it was cooked in a hurry because it taste bland. The long life noodles was slightly overcooked but taste fine, not a wow factor but tastes fine.
The ambiance in spite of the crowd was still pretty spacious, you have enough room to enjoy your food. I am impressed by how clean the whole place is as well which is extremely important. One thing to appreciate and understand why this buffet restaurant is famous is because they are well organized. There were waiters and waitresses everywhere roaming around and clearing out all empty plates (even those with leftovers.)
Overall experience? FUN.

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