5 Reasons Why You Should Date A Curvaceous Woman

 Whoops! Touchy Topic,..(I know.) I am only referring to the physical and sensual advantage of dating a curvy lady.



1. You will feel her BUTT and not her PELVIC BONE. 

– As a gentleman, you hate telling your beloved lady “ooo ooff your butt bone is pushing into me again dear”. Ouch! I am sure you enjoy it more pressing those nice firm buns rather than feel a boney derrière.

2. She is literally HUGGABLE and not BREAKABLE.

– I always say this “What if your pillow isn’t warm enough to comfort you? I am a warm pillow who can hug back, I won’t break when you hug me tighter.” Of course! You won’t feel a shoulder-blade against your chin when you lock a voluptuous babe in your arms. And forgive me for saying this, you don’t want to sleep with a woman whose muscles are more rock solid than yours


3. Dresses embrace her figure, not just cover her body.

– I’ll give you an easy clue. “WRAP versus DRAPE.” Think of a cloth hung loosely on a hat hanger, almost straight up and down – this is what magazines and catwalk exhibits. Curves look very feminine. Curvaceous women have ample chest, wider hips and a thicker rear bumper that sure does a trick in your naughty mind. 

4. She is a true description of SHAPE.

– Talk about body mass, “body shape” is synonymous with the “body frame.” But I think we all know that body frame refers to the bone size and skeletal structure. Body shape refers mainly to the distribution of muscles and fat. You do the math.



5. She has curves that highlight rhythmic motions.

-Women in all shapes are seductive when they know how to dance sexy. But women with more meat can give much more emphasis to ” sultry hips articulation.”


16 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Should Date A Curvaceous Woman

    1. Should make you feel good for more than a moment, embrace yourself! A woman with curves is a gift to mankind. I appreciate a woman that looks like a woman. give yourself some credit and realize you are special in a good way.

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  1. Exceptional post,# 5 the belly Dancer is amazing ,couple weeks ago the Belly Dancer had their annual convention her in southern L.A.Fascinating art.Thank you for stopping by.Best regards.Jalal

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