The Art Of Dispelling Negativity: Angel Moreno’s Aptitude Of Expression

There are significant elements that suggests how dauntless an artist should be to bring a poignant and evocative artwork in an execution that creates a connection beyond the common objects chosen. Other than ingenuity, the adherence to the same principles of an artist is just one of the critical attributes to effectuate and sustain. Adherence indeed subordinates the need to survive the parlay of style and originality against rivals (too many to name.) Needless to say, the world of arts breathes for the stiff competition of keeping the appreciation of the public.IMG_1779 Ironically, in spite of my ineptness as an artist I do not keep my eyes skinned for art exhibits. Perhaps, it’s because none of the artworks had yet captured my attention (technically, these recognized artists are all excellent.) Just this March, a good friend of mine Kim Marcelo invited me to a special evening gathering to introduce me to this person whom he refers to as the man who paints the changing colors of life as it ascends from the blur to its best. Per all one knows, what he meant didn’t sink in me right away because I interpret an artwork more of its power to connect and not just how well-executed it is.

A number of significant names in the Philippine art industry were present at his Dark & Light Gallery, which proves this man a master of his craft.

I explored his embossed paintings, the intricate details demonstrates how painstaking it is to finish. He must have somehow tied up himself in the air while embossing different colors of paint because some of his artwork is roughly 3 feet tall and almost 5 feet wide.

Having the skill to delineate the darkness and light of human nature using the ornamental varieties of koi is very smart. One of his most catchy artwork is the monochrome painting of koi. Out of my curiosity about what’s behind that painting I asked him a very straightforward question. “Did you create this at the time of your distraught? It seems like it outlines the feeling of having no direction to follow.” He smiled and told me “Yes, it was when I felt hopeless.” Without any sign of reluctance, he stood next to me and opened up the uneasy path he took during his childhood. Coming from a dysfunctional family and how his loneliness pushed his gift to become his masterpieces today.

Angel Moreno
Angel Moreno

What impresses me the most is how his artwork transitioned from the sad and cold image to the vibrant and striking artist he is today. His 3D embossed paintings represents his colorful life that can remain visible even when the lights are switched off.

I believe his exceptional artwork may one day fill in the prestigious art collections along with the notable Filipino artists. His contribution will inspire more artists of all ages to be as passionate as he is.


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