The Philippine Stagers Foundation: My First Sneak Peek..

And so, I got invited by a friend to watch a stage play, my reaction was simply the plain lack of interest. But when I was introduced to Atty. Vince Tañada and listened to his conversations with Veteran actor Bernardo Bernardo, comedian Garry Lim and a few media personalities I became curious. All the while I wasn’t aware he is a lawyer, and never would have thought that he is the founder and Artistic Director of The Philippine Stagers Foundation. For a man who has that striking aptitude, intelligence and profession, heś pretty approachable and an easy going type of guy, – not stereotypical I must say.

I understand the theatre plays in this perspective; to become an excellent performer on stage, you should be a good audience member first. It presents a significant role to capture the attention of the audience and lure them to want more. Thus, it drives dedication and passion for someone to internalize such uneasy demands. In comparison to cinematic preparations, it seems to me that performing on stage is more challenging when it comes to accuracy and timing. And this is my imperative observation about how stage actors and actresses earned my admiration. Just like the excellent performance made by Kierwin Larena and Chris Lim for the ¨Dilaw o Pula.,¨ This Filipino version of the movie Brokeback Mountain is definitely a remarkable idea. The type of characters this story demands was nailed well by both actors. From the lines of the script, up to its audacious performance on the stage that stunned me in the most entertaining way. It is quite impressive especially for actors who are straight men to perform such realistically daring roles. Indeed, we are finally transcending the firm inhibitions of our country by recognizing the infinity of theatrical arts.

There were more stage performances that I watched played by different groups of neophytes. In my surprise, I got called to speak and give my opinion of the performances. Admittedly, my perception ability and technical judging got challenged off guard (Good gracious! Guest judge? What the heck was I mumbling about!?!) Nevertheless, it was a great first time.


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