Philippines Safest City In The Heart Of Mindanao: The best things you may not know about Davao City

For being situated in the midst of Mindanao, Davao Del Sur is feared by many Foreign travelers due to its surrounding provinces occupied by Muslims. But, there are many reasons to like Davao City, I can give you 5.

1. Low crime rate: Davao City is recognized globally as one of the safest cities. According to, the city has the safety index score of 80.86 and crime index of 19.14 putting it in the 9th place. Davao´s most respected Mayor, Rodrigo Duterte may have gained notoriety for summary executions, but his leadership is appreciated quite well with the peace and order of the city. This hint hardcore criminals never to consider the city as their safe hiding place.

2. Discipline: The residents of this city are well-disciplined because they are all required to keep the city less polluted, comparing it to the countryś capital. The city has an Anti-Smoking Task Force, issuing citation tickets to individuals who will be violating the Comprehensive Anti-Smoking Ordinance since May 31, 2012. The same date when the city’s original Comprehensive Anti-Smoking Ordinance was enacted in 2002. For smokers, there are designated smoking areas.

3. The PEOPLE: The people in Davao are hospitable and generous. The taxi drivers are the best example. In Manila, many taxi drivers have tampered meters, not to mention how many of them rudely demands extra amount besides the meter reading (which has no difference from strong-arm robbery.) It is the total opposite in Davao City. Taxi drivers will give you your change regardless of how small the amount is. Have I mentioned that the colorful cabs in the City accepts payments through credit cards and debit cards? Yes, they are intended to be crayons on wheels with VISA or MASTERCARD signs on their doors.

4. High food source: This is why food in the city has all the quality, quantity, and wallet-friendly PRICE. Davao flourishes with seafood, fruits, and vegetable choices. Enjoy wandering throughout the streets of the city where you can find so many buffet restaurants with surprisingly affordable rates.

Check the link below for the buffet rates in Davao City.

List Of Buffet Restaurants in Davao

5. Of course! Tourist spots: Rich in marine life and well-protected natural resources never puts this Davao behind among the best places to visit. The people of Davao still conserve its natural landscapes, the Malagos Garden Resort is one of the places I recommend to check out.


7 thoughts on “Philippines Safest City In The Heart Of Mindanao: The best things you may not know about Davao City

  1. Nice bumping on an article about Davao. I live in this city as well and truly, Davao is worth visiting again and again. Aside from those 5 qualities you’ve given, which I all agree on, I invite people to visit Davao for the various sports ( some extreme!) and fun activities we have here. We Got Wake boarding facilities, We have river rafting , and other stuff. Ive tried Rafting in CdO, and in Vang Vieng Laos, but i find the rapids here are more tricky and extreme.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You bet! I want to go back to my beloved homeland and see the wilderness that had stayed humble from the world. It’s the kind of adventure I on the mud and all..except swim.. I can’t even flap like a dog on the water. lol


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