Samal Island’s Hidden Treasure: Little Hagimit Water Falls

GOSH! It took me months of planning to make my vacation happen and finally, after being away for more than a year I got the chance to visit my hometown again. I was scouring my brain where exactly in Samal I should spend hours and hours of devouring my brief vacation and what popped in my tired brain is the little hagimit water falls. Luckily, despite the peak season of the Christmas holidays – not to mention the crazy airfare rates, I found a friendly deal with Cebu Pacific Air for the dates of December 13th to the 15th.

So here’s a picture of my backpacker mode.)


One of the best attractions of the Davao region is the Island Garden City of Samal, just 10 minutes away by a ferry boat service or a bus transported by a barge to cross from Davao city wharf to the island’s Ferry Terminal in Babak and Penaplata.

welcome to samal

My dearest mother with me as my tour guide.

little hagimit water falls

First off, the huge sign of “PAY HERE” The entrance fee which I find pretty cheap is what they use to maintain the cleanliness of the streams and the surrounding area. The rate for 8 years old and above is only 40 pesos or 90 cents. For 2 to 7 years old, the rate is 20 pesos or 44 cents in US currency.

little hagimit water fallsNavigating 200 steps downhill was certainly a workout. It was like a trail hike except that we were walking on concrete steps. Boy! I’m glad we ate breakfast prior that unexpected walkathon. Nevertheless, my excitement was soaring high! I really cared less that I made it there all tuckered out because it is all worth the sweat for.

hagimit4Lush trees..hagimit3And another lush trees.. (disclaimer: these two shots aren’t from the same spot, I took both pictures while walking down.)
hagimit6The walkathon on a hot sunny day sucked most of my energy, so I quickly ran to the stream and soaked my tired feet. The refreshing stream water and the trees that helped reduce the air temperature brought me back to life. I just sat on the rock and relaxed.

hagimit7C’mon! I was tired and I needed to sit.


hagimit18_convertedNature’s love. Nothing comforts my eyes more than being surrounded by lush trees and beautiful streams. I spent my two days wandering without wearing corrective lenses. It is certainly true that the eye-soothing canopy of greens remedies eye-strain.

hagimit10According to the old folks I met who are residents of the Island since the early part of the 20th century, the river has its enchantments. They shared stories of people who had encountered the environmental spirits living near the Hagimit Falls and the surrounding forest.

hagimit13_convertedThere are cottages here and small stores too. Oh! They named the resort “Mahal Forest Resort.”

hagimit9See? They have a wooden raft!IMG_0144-1-editedIsn’t that a nice view? This part of the Hagimit waterfalls is 6 feet deep, if you’re like me who can’t swim – better wear a life jacket.

hagimit_jump_kidThis is one of my favorite pictures LOL. Happy jump kid!



hagimit15_convertedMy favorite part of the Hagimit falls, just situated where the sunlight meets the aquamarine waters..



 However short the vacation was, I was able to fit the tour around the Island in just two days. I created the warmest memories by taking pictures of many beautiful tropical sceneries. I am so thrilled to share this with all my readers. My next destination? Hmm.. I’ll let you know about it.


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