Something Irish: My Irish “Wanna do’s”

The first thing I’d do to feel that “something Irish,” is to buy myself a pretty tweed cap. I like tweed caps even before I heard about Ireland!

Find books about the lordly beings known as the “Sidhe,” that has been part of the legends of ancient Ireland. According to the folklore, these out of this world beings are living under the fairy cairns and rath. Also on a mysterious Island to the west of Ireland.

Fly a hawk in one of the oldest hotel establishments in Ireland. Falconry is one of the hotel’s known exciting activities being offered to adventurous guests. The Woodbridge Hotel and Lodge in Wicklow have been operating for centuries starting in the year of 1608.

Get up close, and take a selfie next to the beautiful Dunguaire Castle in Kinvarra. This castle certainly is an epitome of the great Celtic Era. The simple yet spectacular Irish architecture has stood proudly on the rocky shores of Galway since 1520.

I am aware that Ley lines exist in many parts of Europe, but Ireland is famous of it. I’d love to take a road trip to the famous fairy paths, where the rock outcrops and green fields steeped in stronghold lore and magical stories.

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Relax my weary bones while drinking a cold Irish Cider at The Brazen Head in Dublin. It is one of the most charming and oldest authentic Irish pubs in Ireland. This pub has had drunk Irish folks for over 800 years. I would be very honoured to get drunk here too! I just hope I won’t go arse ways on me.

Meet Mark Feehily of Westlife! I have been in love with his voice in donkey’s years. To all my rock friends, please don’t barf about this revelation. Go ahead and call me a wet cornball, no hard feelings because it won’t change how much I love Westlife

Eat Soda Bread and Coddle, learn how to cook it and drink the Green beer!

Smooch a handsome green or blue eyed Irish bloke! I know this may lift the eyebrows of many, but I have a thing for Irish men and I don’t care if I am not being fair because I’m entitled to have a whale of a time!

Enjoy a lovely morning, drink a nice hot Irish coffee while mesmerising on the dazzling Irish scenery of Killarney.


19 thoughts on “Something Irish: My Irish “Wanna do’s”

  1. Hey, speaking of something Irish. I was once taken by a Swedish to an Irish pubhouse in Makati. There, I was supposed to experience something I have never experienced before.

    Sure enough, there was a Rugby game featuring England vs. France.

    The place ROCKED! It was an amazing experience!

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  2. You forgot the Irish breakfast, you can’t start the day without it! 😀
    Ireland is supposed to be a very green and dramatic landscaped country. And if you go, who knows, maybe you will see a rainbow and find a leprechaun sitting with it’s bag of gold at the end of it 🙂

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  3. There,are are many places I’d like tho travel also. It always looks so beautiful there and who doesn’t love a man with an accent! I love Fairy lore also, tho I find castles creepy. I hope you get to go sometime, traveling is something everyone should do.

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