Remembering The Famous Satemi Noodles

Walking on the streets of Uyanguren and Ramon Magsaysay Avenue, my mind goes down memory lane of the early 70s. Technically, I was born a decade after but the mood feels like I´m in the classic movies I grew up watching. There is a well-known restaurant located somewhere along Ramon Magsaysay Avenue that have been operating since the early 70s. The Davao Famous Restaurant lives by its name for being the best in home-cooked Filipino-Chinese cuisine in Davao city. Through the years, the meals they cook and serve taste the same as what they are famous of, delicious!


The restaurant´s design is obviously outdated, not as inviting as the newer restaurants nearby. But their bragging rights came from their family´s traditional cooking skills. I recommend you try their pancit bihon and pancit satemi, the best way to understand the reason of my satemi noodles cravings.

Davao Famous Restaurant

401 R Magsaysay Av, Davao City, 8000, Philippines

Facebook / Website URL
Phone Number
+63 82 222 1669


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