The Top Five Honeymoon Destinations Around The World

Choosing the right honeymoon destinations matters because every newly weds dream is to spend their recent union´s afterglow to be as memorable as the wedding itself. What makes a place romantic? First two places that come in our minds are Venice, Italy and Paris, France. But what if you just want to skip these two giants? There are countless romantic offerings for couples with different tastes of spending a honeymoon, let the vowed romance dictate your itineraries!

#1. Palawan, Philippines

A trip of a lifetime for a lifetime commitment. Palawan has everything that honeymooners dream of, from its breathtaking crystal clear waterscapes, ageless towering marble cliffs and tropical breeze. The 2015´s world´s best island Palawan holds that idyllic honeymoon destination title for couples to relish.

Where to stay:  Miniloc Island Resort in El Nido, Palawan is rated excellent for their warmest service. Well designed native inspired villas offering that coastal village atmosphere. They have one of the best romantic sunset cruises, and if you love diving – no doubt couples will enjoy the marine life in El Nido.

Budget: Enjoy a relaxing cuddle time in an overwater villas, they offer accommodation and tour packages from $500 to $700 , rates from

Honeymoon Destinations
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#2. Cappadocia, Turkey

I can’t see how it would be any less romantic for sweethearts to wake up in the morning, watching the sunshine stream through the stunning rock formations popularly known as fairy chimneys? This amazing art of nature is effortlessly romantic for couples to make their memorable Royal Anatolian honeymoon.

Where to stay: Of course couples are more of a romantic bent, Kelebek hotel in Cappadocia makes the perfect choice for an Anatolian inspired honeymoon. See the untouched natural beauty from the sky with their hot air balloon rides and tour packages.

Budget: How about having an awesome Turkish bath with your sweetheart while bathing in a cave-cut hamam? Hotel suites recommended for couples starts from $110 per night based on the rates from

cappadocia night pool

#3. Ibiza, Spain

Up-all-night partying isn´t just for single and ready to mingle people, it does not make any less fun partying with your husband or wife. Ibiza´s lush forest, pacific style beaches and so much more which is not far from the city center.

Where to go: Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza definitely has the bragging rights to provide that awesome honeymoon experience with their long stretch of beach and a number of restaurants and spas.

Budget: The rates range from $240, not bad at all. You could still add to your budget, their spectacular boat ride to see the unspoiled beauty of Ibiza.

Honeymoon Destinations

#4. Istria, Croatia

Creating a memory of a lifetime together means nothing else matters more than the tenderness and pleasure. Croatia offers the stuff that honeymoon fantasies are made of, a similar romantic atmosphere to Venice Italy.

Where to stay: Villa Istria is offering the peace and serene mood of a Mediterranean hacienda with a pool and a beautiful view of the vineyard. Newlyweds can enjoy a short stroll in the historic Mediterranean town and a relaxing massage in secluded seaside cabanas.

Budget: A delightful Mediterranean setting dinner for two with a great view of the coastline and a tour of the ancient monuments of PULA. Estimated budget for couple ranges from $600 based on the rates from

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#5. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

A perfect honeymoon means different romantic trips to different couples. For the adventurous newlyweds, Galapagos Islands can offer you an unparalleled and diverse wildlife experience.

Where to stay: Galapagos Safari Camp offers luxurious African-style tents and more. The best part is the hotel based tours they offer, like THE ISLANDS SECRETS. Have a romantic adventure for 5 days and 4 nights enjoying not just island hopping but lots of activities that newlyweds will never forget.

Budget: The accommodation and the hotel based tour packages ranges around $1,243 to 2,331 based on the rates from .

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