Abby Asistio,— ¨How I Got My Hair-Life Back¨

Our hair contributes to our overall aesthetic, it changes our image and even just our expression with the way our hair looks. It is surely annoying seeing your hair everywhere, falling off with each brush and you feel hopeless just to think of the possibility of having a healthy hair again. I grew up watching bald heads shown all over the INTERNET and television, promoting products that promise to fill those hair follicles again. I have heard about NOVU a long time ago but did not pay attention because I don´t trust any liquid formula to cure such a serious autoimmune disorder unless you go under the knife. And watching so many annoying advertisements promising the whole world of an effective combination of chemicals to cure your dead scalp is a total downer.
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More than we know there are many people suffering from a serious hair growth problem. Ever familiar of Alopecia? A receding hairline is one of it, which mostly occurs with men starting the age of the late twenties to early thirties. Although this is considered ¨normal,¨ especially if it is hereditary, specialists are not ready to give up finding a solution.

For women, hair loss is a painful problem, Abby Asistio grew up with it. I first saw Abby on a TV show as a contestant in a singing competition, and I thought she was beautiful. Even with an assumption that it was just her fashion statement the judges asked her about her head. With confidence, she answered that she has Alopecia. As I listened to her, I realized it must have been hard for her growing up hiding her head all the time with a hat or with a wig.
Recently, I saw Abby again and holy molly she has real hair! It is easy to tell that she is not wearing a wig because the hairline is very prominent. She stood in front of us as a living proof of how NOVU fixed her scalp. Although, she highlighted that the effects do not appear overnight, as it functions depending on the response of a person´s system. It took her a year to have a complete hair coverage. Although, there are users who have achieved greater results much quicker. What’s best about the product? It has a cooling sensation and allows your skin to breathe, this is according to those who used it.
 Abby-Asistio-for-NovuHair-800x343In the mindset of a user, transparency is very important, a company that shows great interest in solving a medical problem like Alopecia rather than aiming for profit will gain more loyal customers. That is the best image of NOVU and the people behind it, it will not be long that NOVU will stand out among its competitors globally.

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