Dizzying Extremes Of Life

When it comes to the dizzying extremes of life, I bet we all have chunks of that beef to share. They are at all levels depends on a person´s tolerance. I surely know mine, and it is as weary as my glasses tied with rubber bands around each temple due to over usage and less care.

Now, what the heck am I muttering about? Some another senseless shit out of sinking ideas?

OK, here is the beef, when we do not get what we want we blame it on our lack of opportunities (which has a little contribution, not at my defense per se.) Obviously we do not get it right off the bat don’t we? In my case, there may have been blind spots I probably have not paid much attention to. It is an ongoing run in a hamster´s wheel, and I know how frustrating that can be. The more I think about it, the human I feel I am. It is not idiotically defending a surrender, but at some point it teaches you to value the things that you already have and is still around you. Contentment is not a sign of defeat nor giving up on something you wanted make you less driven. It simply changes your outlook.

I won´t say I do not have insecurities, maybe with my physical appearance I don´t have regardless, but with how I use my time and my skills for profiting, still there are times I get my emotions and my mind going down a very nasty path. And with each reminder after realising it way too late, that is when the extremes start to get my mind spinning. Slumping back to zero and now in the high hopes of recovering I have somewhat stripped away the OLD SOCIABLE ME, why did I recluse? Not due to embarrassment, I have a thick face against that. It was just more about wanting to have my mind away from the unnecessities of sprawl and clutter which I lived with all my might,— beer, sex and party.

All I´m saying is, let your problems rot until you are tired of smelling the dead you. And when you are ready to get out of your stinky life, set it on fire along with all the ghosts sucking your spirit while you were locked in, and start a clean living.



15 thoughts on “Dizzying Extremes Of Life

  1. hopefully i got your point right… like they said experiences are the best teachers that every time we went down, stumble or fall, we learn something from it and it is also God’s way to to enlighten us and make us realized what is right .. although sometimes things are not going according to our plans, God is always there leading us to the right path!
    Thanks for sharing and happy bloggin to you

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  2. Nothing is too late if you’re going to start your life anew. It’s better for us to leave behind the past and don’t look back, and continue to press on with consistency towards the prize. We must learn how to forget the past but we must not forget the lessons we learned from the past 🙂

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  3. We all go through shitty times but time heals all wounds and people deal with bad situations differently. I find iy incredible “therapeutic” writing about things like what you’ve done here with your blog post. So stay happy, be courageous and live bravely ☺☺☺

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  4. That’s an interesting way of putting it on writing, your depression. I guess no one alive will ever escape feeling shitty some times. No matter what you do, just make sure that you survive. When you get matured enough, you’ll understand your purpose and the purpose of all those dissatisfaction.

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  5. Oh wow, haha, THAT was a read. I felt like I was looking at my feelings of a few days ago on paper. Haha. I try not to let shitty things (like my own procrastinating-yet-dissatisfied bum) get in the way of what I want, but I can’t help it sometimes. I try not to feel sorry for myself, but really, I CAN’T HELP IT. Does this go with age? Like someone hitting her mid-20’s and feeling unfulfilled.

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  6. It is almost inevitable to hit rock bottom at some point in your life, but if you were able to write about your experience and share it, in whatever way you can, then it means you survived through it, right? I like the way you write. I kinda remember myself writing this way back when I was an angsty teenager, though I want to point out that (1) I’m not saying your writing is that of a teenager (God, no) and (2) I’m not that old. Haha, you get my point 🙂

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