My Fall Cozy Home Essentials: Home Decor With A Touch Of Romance

Autumn will always be my best-loved season for its smooth charm when nature changes the atmosphere into a lover’s favourite. It may seem strange, but I get inspired and whimsical to get more creative in this season. For me, it’s the most romantic season to share with a loved one or even with just myself and a warm pillow! The moment I feel the crisp breeze, all I care is to be comfortable and bring the autumn’s comeliness to my home by adding colourful homey touches, happy soft layers and floral scent.

I am taking the ″Autumn home decor″ seriously, so I choose pumpkin hues and having a neutral sofa makes it much easier to swap out accents like brown and other autumn colours. Just like this hand-Knitted Ottoman Poufs, there should be lots of it in my living room and also my bedroom floor. I totally enjoy a cup of brewed coffee with my feet relaxing on the pouf while watching movies online. It is also important for me to have a nice brown natural sheepskin fur carpet, this can give the contrasting effect against my white floor.

With so many pumpkins everywhere you turn, it’s difficult not to be inspired by their rich, happy and warm colours. Decorating pumpkins with flowers provides that freshness to your home and it surely does look cute! And if you only use a rug in a space, I totally defy that rule. I sometimes love to pile the fur carpet and the layer rug on top of each other for the ultimate coziness on my feet.

Of course new cashmere throw blankets and bed sheets are a must for absolute comfort! I love the idea of  laying a cuddly throw over a couch. I learned so many good reviews about parachute home products and might order one of their sheet sets.

When fall is in the air! It means it is time for a cozy snuggle in my bed!


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