Waking Up Untitled (Writer´s Block)

“Yes, I have more than one skill, but I seem to have wasted it all because whenever I hear people admiring me for being talented, I feel like crushing inside. Reaching a point where I question myself with each time I get reminded that I gave my love to a job and still got fired. I die as if a dagger got plunged deeply into my chest. I am seriously struggling to keep the motivation up. Despite knowing it is wrong to feel this depleted, I have somehow allowed it to create a hole in my willpower´s fuel tank. Now, the confidence is leaking halfway to empty. Perhaps, for whatever reason I care less if the strong smell of my unmotivated spirit bothers the nostrils of my surroundings. I am hesitant to start the engine because it feels like I might crash again. It hurts deeply to realise that I have maneuvered to the wrong streets which led me to where I unfortunately landed.”

— Me, a few months ago.

destroy-key1Here are the monsters I am sometimes face. I am undeniably aware that inspiration is seemingly in trouble of finding me,— sometimes. Reality bites that yourself is your worst enemy, and being under these circumstances makes it even more difficult than facing ¨a crowd¨ of haters.

  • Loss of your professional identity
  • Loss of self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Loss of your daily routine
  • Loss of purposeful activity
  • Loss of your work-based social network
  • Loss of your sense of security

 How do I deal with writer´s block?

Admittedly, I do ghostwrite as a way to practice, practice and practice, I write four articles a day for other websites. To have even just random encounters with a writer´s block is already huge problem I always prepare myself for. I have here a list of the not so unusual remedies I do whenever I feel waking up untitled.


  • Use your emotions to write keywords of what you want to express: Whether it is what you currently feel or just the smallest ideas extracted from your struggling mind, write it down and post on your desk.
  • Get some sleep: Yes, time is gold as they say. Regardless of not being sure when you will ever get those creative juices flowing again, still, give your psych a time-off.
  • Watch TV or Videos: Believe it or not, I am not a bookworm as I understand I should be one because of my job. Thanks to YouTube and Television, inspiration may be tough to get by but at least I can note possible topics to write about.
  • Rough Sex: Haters remain in your seats. I know the idea is provocative to even be in the main subject. I am not sure if there´s a medical explanation as to why it works, but writer´s block is a form of stress. If you are single, and you do not have a long term playmate, you know the plan B,  just decide about it carefully.
  • Explore Outside: Go out! There are tons of stuff outside to distract your worried mind, and you never know when you may find something that could inspire you.




2 thoughts on “Waking Up Untitled (Writer´s Block)

  1. Someone I follow on LinkedIn talks a lot about mojo, and terrible work situations (like getting fored). Her thoughtful, articulate articles have transformed my thinking over recent weeks. I’m linking her here in case you find reassurance as I have: https://touch.www.linkedin.com/?sessionid=5258308607172696&as=false&rs=false&can=https%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Elinkedin%2Ecom%2Fin%2Flizryan#profile/url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Elinkedin%2Ecom%2Fin%2Flizryan

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