The Craziest Ideas People Spend So Much Money On

When we talk about splurging lots of our money it could be anything under the sun, what we find ridiculously unnecessary could be as important as life and death to others. We all have different relationships with spending, what we acquire and own is tightly bound to our personal identity. We overspend on anything to create and support a particular image of ourselves to present to the world. Are we?

japanese-funny-tissue-box-toilet-paper-2575417-1920x1080#1. In Japan, people spend more on paper for comics than for toilet paper.

Let’s take a sneak peek inside the Japanese psyche. According to the LA times, the influence of manga comics in Japan became unquestionably powerful because the stories seem to possess a life-changing effect on its readers. Life-changing? This is a serious manga craze indeed! Some manga nerds proudly expressed that they only understood what they want to be in life when they started reading manga comics.

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#2. In Italy, £5 Billion A Year Is Spent On Fortune Tellers And Astrology

According to the reports of the European Consumers Association, despite Italy’s increasing unemployment reaching 53% Italians are spending a maximum of 600 euros a day to seek advice from fortune tellers and card readers in the hopes to improve their financial situation. Economic depression is a serious issue, of which understandably any one will take dire steps any way possible. But 600 bucks is not a small amount to whip up a prediction from tarot cards and crystal balls.

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#3. In China, Many Bachelors Are Splurging Money On Rent A GirlFriend

If the other countries blow away money on things, China has something different that they spend lots of cash on. The date for hire is typical in many countries, but not the insane trend of girlfriend for hire in China. The mind-boggling social pressure on bachelors to marry early are pushing them to spend a minimum of $160 by hiring a FAKE GIRLFRIEND. Last year, a rich Chinese young man offered $170,000 to rent a girlfriend for an upcoming festival. The service is so lucrative that they designed mobile apps for it.

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#4. In South Korea, Men & Women Have Cosmetic Surgery Obsession

South Korea holds the world’s largest number of Cosmetic clinics, clustered in the districts of Gangnam. It is so openly discussed among the locals that you hear the question “where you got your nose lift or realigned jaw line,” often instead of “where you got your designer handbag.” This is the reason why the international media are mocking their beauty pageants, natural beauty seems to be nearing its distinction that it would be difficult to know a book by its cover.   

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#5. In USA, People Spend More Money On Take-Out Food Than On Groceries

Food is what keeps our entire system functioning, but seems like more and more Americans barely holds a ladle to cook their food. An Amid increase of Americans surging fast-food restaurants than the grocery stores is hitting more than 50%. This means an average household spends approximately 7% of their total budget on fast-food restaurants. No wonder many Americans are finding it harder to make headway against screaming calories.


30 thoughts on “The Craziest Ideas People Spend So Much Money On

  1. Everything makes sense. Lol. I mean I wasn’t surprised of these things since most of the countries you have shared are really open on the things they really spend with. Thanks for sharing!

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