Ancient Beauty Practices Of Today´s Modern Treatments

Whenever you put something on your face, does it ever make you wonder about the evolution of beauty regimens and other treatments that we use today? Perhaps, just like me you are curious how the beauty industry professionals to this day obtain its success of practicing new ways to correct, improve and maintain the beautiful appearance we all wish. Let’s speed thousands of years back to the ancient times, wherein ancient women were using weird concepts of beauty enhancement, of which the regimen mostly consisted of.

history of cold cream

The Birth Of Cold Cream

Who would have thought that cold creams were invented way back 150 A.D by a Greek Physician named Aelius Galenus, also known as Galen of Pergamon? It was originally formulated using just 3 ingredients, which are the olive oil, beeswax and water. The rose petals are also added to make it fragrant.


history of body scrub

Body Scrub/ Honey & Milk Baths

Cleopatra is a name that we all know up to this day, the legendary Pharoah known for her controversial love affairs and timeless beauty. The last active Pharoah of Egypt emanated the practice of using body scrubs such as almond oils, dead sea salt and apple cider vinegar. She is also famous for honey and milk baths as one of her anti-aging rituals.


history of hair wax

Origin Of Hair Removal

Epilation (threading and waxing) is a beautification ritual originated in India and passed down from 6000 years ago seem to be a very modest practice that involves nothing more than resourcefulness and a skilled hand. The Ancient practice of hair removal consists of many methods depending on the customs of each society. In Ancient Greece, hair removal is essentially practiced by women to gain social recognition. A cosmetic application called threading were only used for weddings by Persians and Iranians, while, in Egypt, a mixture of honey is used as a wax.


history of body products


Basically, India’s 5,000-year-old holistic system focuses on health and well-being, derived from the most nutritious herbs and oils around. For ancient Indian women, the beauty starts from within, so skin care relies primarily on what you eat. This complex, yet practical system also involves bathing and oil treatments, which promotes physical and spiritual cleansing. In the modern skin care system, one of the ayurvedic practices is incorporated with the use of facial masks.



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    1. I agree that it is hard to imagine water and oil on the face. I imagine it may be uncomfortable if we think of applying the same combination and method today. I found these information from a book titled For Appearance’ Sake: The Historical Encyclopedia of Good Looks, Beauty, and Grooming.

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