Glitter Hair Everywhere – Glamourous Or Hideous?

We have seen Madonna, Miley Cyrus and the rest of the spunky gals emerging with multi-coloured armpits and pubes. What’s the new glittery-hairy festive trend this tail end of 2015?

I don’t know what’s up with the glitter pits trend. It seems that it may require someone to keep her arms up in the air as often as possible to display those sparkling oksters. Growing that bush is already a surprising thing to be labeled “A THING” in fashion, but a spare of glitters is incredibly mind-blowing!

The runways and the movie screens perhaps are the only places we are mostly used to seeing crazy makeup styles and with whatever material (not just clothing) they make their models strut in. So here comes the glittery eyebrows, the alternative for glittery eye shadow.

Snowman just decided to grow a lavish moustachio with an up-to-date look, and I am sure we all have different reactions regarding this trend. One thing I sure of, this is your child´s new Christmas man-tree project.


What do you think? Would you dare?


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