Not Just Naked: Sexy Lingerie For Every Body Shape

All women want to look and feel sexy as hell in a lingerie, but sometimes, it’s just the lack of confidence that gets in the way. The art of seduction relies on someone’s personal perspective, so learning how to look hot in a naughty bralette is learning how to find the one that gives the right amount of seduction for your body shape.

For the petite with small busts

For the petite with small busts Collage
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You need a lingerie that will boost your itty bitty but sexy boobies. Lingerie with push-up bras will work great on you or might as well show a little hint through a sheer Leavers lace! In case your problem is your small butt, Pick undies that will show more of your butt cheeks like those lace-back tangas, thongs and v-strings.

For the petite with small busts
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For the ruler shape and with short torso

ruler shape with short torso
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Since your figure has less variation between your shoulder, waist and hip. The trick is to find the undergarments that will subtly enhance your curves. Stick with ruched briefs or any undies that will make your bottom appear rounder!

For The Ruler Shape
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For Curvy

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Flaunt those delicious curves, curves, curves! If your problem is your bulge when picking a nice underwear, why not go for high cut or french cut panties? Or if your bum is too big, opt for control briefs or bikinis with full coverage around the butt cheeks to make them appear slimmer.

curvy1 Collage
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For the Apple Shape

apple shape
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Apple ladies have narrower hips and bust, you need a lingerie that will elongate your waistline. Deep V necks and baby-dolls will draw the attention away from your hips and tummy. French knickers and high-rise thongs are the best undies in trimming those tummies.

apple shape undies
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For the pear shape

pear shape
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The best intimates for this figure are those that will accentuate your delicate upper body. Your wide hips is already a statement, go for undies that will reduce the size of your lower half. Best bets are thongs, bikini styles or g-strings.

pear Collage
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For the Athletic Shape

athletic shape
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For the athletic built, the best way to flaunt your slender, muscular frame is to wear longline bras and high-waisted underwear with feminine touches. Women with an athletic frame have undefined waist but with nice firm butt, which is why hip huggers are best for those toned glutes!

athletic 1 Collage
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Hope this guide helps 🙂


14 thoughts on “Not Just Naked: Sexy Lingerie For Every Body Shape

  1. you are forgetting the full figured shapely woman, the women that turns a smart, sensual’s mans head. these ladies are sadly forgotten or overlooked all the time, they are warm, sensual, caring, intelligent, sensitive, beautiful and should not be forgotten, they just get stunningly hot when they dress down to the minimal s, give them a go, a lot of people with appreciate it.


  2. Hey, Charity, I stumbled upon this post of yours. HAHAHA.

    I want to say something but I cannot think of what to say, or write. Let’s put it this way…

    Whenever I pass by lingerie section, I don’t pay much attention. Now that you have posted all those pictures… and there is something about photographs bringing subjects to life, because the ones here sure made me stop scrolling down fast with checking each one out first!

    Nice post!

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  3. A few years back, I was thinking why do underwear need to look luxurious? Why do they need to look extravagant when all the while, they are just going to be kept since we’ll have to put on something above them. But later on I realized that some people feels good knowing they are wearing nice underwear beneath nice clothes that other people see. So I get it why Victoria’s Secret is also the hype even though they are quite pricey like these.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh I belong to the small boobs category haha!! But the photos you posted surely will make me feel sexy. There’s a lingerie I bought online that was too loose on the boob area. Since then I prefer buying at the shop so I can fit them before buying.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I love all of the lingerie and I like how I can see which lingerie is best for which Shape of body. Had no idea about that. Lingerie is good for everyone to have. When one is wearing lingerie, one is more confident!

    Liked by 1 person

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