What To Wear With Your Sneaker Wedges

I remembered the evolution of sneaker wedges back in the 90s when the spice girls started performing while wearing chunky sneakers with the glitzy union jack on them. At first they look gaudy and heavy enough for a leg workout. Oh boy, I am so glad that instead of throwing the sneaker wedges to the rubbish bin, they improved it fabulously. I started buying mine just in time when the sneaker wedges were redefined for a much comfortable fit. They have been a trend for a very long time and I not surprised. They look F.A.B! They’re attention magnet footwears. 

Designers of all levels are churning out a variety of styles ranging from solid colours to bedazzled metallic lace-ups, textured animal prints to vibrant sporty chic. Sneaker wedges are just like tweed hats, the entire design is a bit tricky to mix & match. Anyway, how can we look stylish in them?

What To Wear With Your Sneaker Wedges
image source: pinterest.com

Sneaker wedges favour petite women with small feet because it can give the illusion of thicker legs and larger feet. However, women who are full-figured is recommended to pick a design that resembles a pair of booties, simply because it does not look very bulky compared to its casual counterparts. Casual sneaker wedges make curvy woman’s lower half-body disproportionately stocky. You can find so many designs available anywhere, just choose a more streamlined design of this shoe. It will be easy for you to find the best that suits your clothes and your personality.

What To Wear With Your Sneaker Wedges
image source: pinterest.com

When wearing sneaker wedges with outlandish designs like sparkly embellishments or the material itself is silver or in gold colou, choose a top that is not very busy to balance the entire look. You do not want to look like a refurbished babe of the spice girls era while proudly strutting your shoes. Bring that gaudy look and you will get hashtags #walkingthrowback or #cantmoveonfromthe90s.


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