Spas That Taste Like Sex Around The World

The title “Spas That Taste Like Sex” might be pressing your brain buttons now as you scroll down. No, it is not a metaphor or a fancy sentence for a title. Through the years, we have seen lots of concepts ranging from unique, strange, weird to out-of-this-world spas. And honey, it ain´t stoppin’ there. These infamous places may be famous, but, I will discuss them in here for those who may not have heard of it. It´s been so long since I have posted something seriously useful, I write for other websites too, so, I barely have the time to sneak a new article here. I talked about the soul-sucking hanging restaurant in Brussels, Belgium, but this time, I´ll share another edible-related discovery that has been around for quite some time now. I may have mentioned EDIBLE, but I am not talking about restaurants. I am talking about Saunas with edible baths (Immersing your body in a beverage literally!)

What is the sense of stressing my two-finger-each-hand-typing for this topic? Well, you will thank me for sharing this if you have plans to have a memoir with your ´till death do we part partner in crime. Wanderlust couples are not only, and should be limited to just romanticism and picturesque views together, it is about having a spanking time of laughter, body relaxation before and after sex, and UNIQUE TASTE.

 Hershey Chocolate Spa – Geneva, Switzerland

spas that taste like sex
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I dare not to be questioned if my mind becomes dirty looking at this picture. Being soaked in a sweetened chocolate liquid sounds incredible for an eat-my-chocolate later. And, no, I am not suggesting you do (unless you insist.)The chocolate spa may also suggest not to rinse yourself just yet after you spent some time in the chocuzzi. IT looks like the Swiss government is very much concern of the country’s under-population but this idea might actually work.



spas that taste like sex
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What’s a better party than relishing your Krušovice booze while bathed in an exhilarating 1000 litre royal oak whirlpool tub of what else? But beer! This used-to-be-a-healing-practice by traditional Bohemians is more than just what it is created for. The weird but the sexy kind of weird beer bath by Pivni Lazne in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, is an unusual experience offered to anyone, especially couples who love bath and beers together.



spas that taste like sex
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Feeling romantic but lazy holding a glass of wine while enjoying a nice plunge in a pool with your boo? How about drinking the pool as you swim? Wait-wait, that doesn’t sound like a kinky spa retreat nor hygienic. But, either way, it is enjoying both at the same time and in a not-so-disgusting way. Anyone who experienced Yunessun’s wine bath in Japan has enjoyed the unlimited wine-drinking as they dipped in a stimulating pool of real red wine.

This is just three of the beverages that turned into a sauna bath. We don’t know yet what new AND weird concepts of sauna baths will emerge, so keep surfing the web!


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