How To Strut Your Stripes

The stripes are always pushing forward! Just think of all the stripes of all scales,⎼ they all communicate youthful energy and modern flare. From the basic horizontal and vertical stripes to the athletic trims and, or, as just a graphic accent. All of it radiates modernity even on the classic favourites that have been revived. 

To dip your toe in mixed patterns can be quite intimidating, but it is easier to pull off than wearing a busier print-on-print combo. All it takes not to look like a drag with prints and stripes is to always be mindful of which one looks busier than the other.

Wearing different layers of stripes altogether is already eye-grabbing on its own, so keep the accessories simple. A nice solid colour flat clutch and strappy sandals would still give that minimalist-chic vibe.

Many voluptuous girls are not confident wearing stripes, they worry that they might look funny being in one. Try them on the diagonal, instead of horizontally, this is a good choice to make some parts of your body look slimmer. I absolutely love slim-fit trousers with nautical stripes, they look sexy and even sexier with a floppy hat on! 

Wide stripes can make the slimmest of toothpick body shape look big, so the million dollar question is how to look fab without looking fat? Simple, if you have a wide shape that means don’t wear the wide stripes. If it hasn’t quelled your nerves yet about putting this bold pairing of festive stripes and fringing together on your own, there are more options to do the mixing and matching for you. Slip this on and stick with minimal jewelry or do not add anything else at all. Cropped also helps reign things in!

If you are wearing a slouchy pants with horizontal stripes, the key is to follow where the lines go! Match your stripes in a voluminous silhouette like this black peplum top. You could also pair it with a simple tee or tank. Even better if you’re finishing it off with chunky heels and a sleek clutch! I love the idea of a billowing pajama pant in vertical cricket stripes. Wear it with a pajama-style top too or a tank with its horizontal version. Although, you need to add a shape when wearing a pair of all stripes,⎼ belt something to define your waists.  



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